Saturday, June 30, 2007

Make Me A Winner!

Please, let me the next person you know to attempt to win this prize! Over at 5 Minutes for Mom they are having several give-aways for the 4th! It's a celebration of the birth of our country and for that we get prizes.
You may begin now to flatter me so you may be the "friend" who attends with me!
Edited to add: Judy has already started the flattering/bribing! Don't be left out in the cold, girls.....

A Question For The Weekend

One of the days we were gone, I had to do without coffee. It was the day we left and it seemed silly to make a pot for just one cup. By the time I got coffee (about 2 hours later) I was headachey and (extremely) grouchy. Coffee - got have it! What about you?

What do you have to have to make it though the day?

Friday, June 29, 2007

Thurman's Out But Not About

I had a call from my brother at about 12:45 and my dad had just gotten out of surgery. He had 5 by-passes and in recovery. His surgeon felt like dad's heart muscle was good. Thanks for praying for him and my family.

Love Yall!

Friday Fun Zone

Thursday, June 28, 2007

It's Only Thursday?!

Enough of the rain already! We are all tired of each other and being in the house! I can't even send them in the back yard because there's a small lake out there!

Daddy's surgery is tomorrow morning. Thanks for praying....

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Spring Reading Thing - Done!

I'm ready to get rid of the the Spring Reading Thing button on my sidebar! Since Spring has been over now for about a week and over at Callapidder Days the Mr. Linky is very long because everybody else has already posted- I committed to catching up today! I actually read quite a bit while I was gone - I love to read in the car.

I didn't finish the all the books I had listed. I just couldn't get into Blue Like Jazz. I'm sure this makes me a super-square Christian but I wasn't interested. I haven't given up totally - I still have the book.

I finished Infidel before I left for Branson. It's a 7-day book at the library so I had to get it back before I was gone for 10 days. I really enjoyed this autobiography of a Somali woman who grew up Muslim (all Somalis are Muslim.) I didn't agree with all she grew to believe in her adulthood but the description of her youth is harrowing. The anger and hate she wrote about among her Muslim family, friends and neighbors is just frightening. A good read especially if you're interested in Islam or women's issues.

I sped though Water for Elephants. Great story. Told by 90-year-old (or 93, he can't remember) about the summer of 1931 and his time with the circus. I loved the way the author dealt with old age - she made it real. She made me want to be friends with all the old people. The circus story is intriguing, too. This is during the Great Depression and most of the circus folks were just happy to have a place to sleep and something to eat. Read this one.

Go here for my complete list of what I committed to read (but didn't quite finish.)

I also wanna tell about another book I read on my trip - The Android's Dream. I had seen this listed on my Dsytopian Challenge and when I saw it at the library, I picked it up. I truly loved this book! I kept trying to get Jim to read it. I could see the movie that would come it. It was a sci-fi thriller and I couldn't put it down! The author invented several alien species that went along with in the story and an entire religion that figured prominently in the story. I realize this isn't for everybody - some of you will be put off by the words sci-fi but it was wonderful!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Update on Thurman

Yes, his name is Thurman and he's having open-heart surgery in the next couple of days. He has 2 arteries that are totally blocked and 4 more that are partially blocked. Trust me, he's worried about who is going to run the fireworks stand.

Keep praying for him and my mom. Pray for both my brothers, too. My little brother (over 40, but who's counting) is our family RN adn everybody depends on him to "talk doctor." My big brother is taking over the care and feeding of said fireworks stand. I'll give more info when I get it.....

Captain Kenny and Captain Abbie

You all thought Jim Waldrop would never do anything like that, didn't you? This is after the ride on the Duck - we all got quakers to quack at other Ducks. My sweet daughter was wrapping hers up to give back to the Captain after the ride was over. I explained that they were ours to keep. Good thing since all of us had had them in our mouths.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Prayer Request

I don't do this very often but I thought today it might be okay. I'm asking for prayers. For my dad. I had a call this evening and Daddy had been admitted to the hospital when he had chest pains and his blood pressure had shot up. His blood pressure is under control but tomorrow he'll have a arteriogram to check for blockages.

Remember he and my mom during the day - it's hard on all of us because I'm so far away.

We're Back......

Finally, home again. Yes, we were gone on vacation. Yes, we went with Mimi and Pop. Yes, that means there were 6 of us in a mini-van for 4 days. Yes, we are happy to report no one got hurt.

We went to lovely Branson, Missouri in the Ozark Mtns and had lots of fun! Mimi and Pop have a time-share and so we stayed in a 2 bedroom condo with lots of fun activities. The kids got to go swimming (with Jim) and we all saw lots of fun stuff. All of us went to the Shanghai Circus with the Chinese acrobats and they were wonderful. Abbie got the DVD so we can watch them over and over. We also all went on the Ducks. These are WW II vehicles designed to go on land or water - we did both. It was very cool. The kids really liked it, too. They were called up to the front to drive when we were on the lake and were both given the title of "Captain."

Mimi and Pop watched the kids one night so Jim and I could go to one of the shows by ourselves and we went to see Six. Six (out of 10!) brothers who sing tight acapella and really rocked the house! We loved it so much that we bought one of their CDs - that we promptly left in Mimi's van. One of the guys was so funny and said "whatever" several times. (It was part of the show and not as lame as it sounds.) At intermission, Jim encouraged me to show him the Sarah sign for "whatever" and then he did it on stage! I busted a gut but the rest of the audience wasn't as impressed. Sarah, you're semi-famous now.

We also went to an old-time church of Christ in another small town (not to be named) - they were trying to come into the 21st century. They had the Paperless Hymnal that didn't work too well - all churches have technology problems. Since we were the only people in the building that weren't holding our hymnals - we were the only people scrambling when the Power Point decided to quit. We were searching for the page for some obscure song we barely knew. The preacher also had Power Point for his sermon but he was controlling it himself from the pulpit. That would be one way to make sure the screen was on the page you wanted.

I'm sure there's more and I know there are some pictures (including one with all the family in duck bills) and I'll posting them soon!

Sunday, June 24, 2007

A Question For The Weekend

My kids are all excited about starting VBS tonight! Except we're calling it SBA (Summer Bible Adventure) - but they're just as excited. I always loved VBS - what about you?

What's your favorite memory from or about VBS?

Friday, June 22, 2007

Saturday, June 16, 2007

A Question For The Weekend

I'm beginning a new tradition here at not-so-deep thoughts - a question for the weekend. You may respond at any time. You may think about what you want to answer or you may write impulsively (which is what I usually do.) I may or may not give an my answer.

If you do not have a Google account, you may choose the "Anonymous" box, but please sign your name (it drives me crazy not knowing who you are.) Feel free to check back and see how your answer stacks up. Feel free to disagree - but nicely, with your name attached. If you are too ashamed/embarrassed/afraid of your answer, just whisper in my ear later.

This week's question:

Would you vote for a Mormon for president?

Friday, June 15, 2007

Friday Fun Zone

Been there - had that done!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007


I've been thinking alot about the elitism-thing lately. I saw Dan Zanes in concert on Saturday (I'll write more) and I was sooooo put off by the "reserved seating." It was at the Historic Paramount and 5 rows in the center front were "reserved." I had waited with Abbie for 20 minutes in the 90* heat to get a good seat for this general admission concert - we had good seats on the side across from the "reserved seating." We were on the aisle - I did that purposefully, so Abbie that could see better and she was able to get up and dance. So I'm not complaining about my seats - they were good!

But what about the other folks that sat in the back, under the balcony - were theirs as good? What about up in the top of the balcony? Did anyone fall going up or down (inside joke for Sarah, I couldn't resist.) The reserved section was policed, if you will, by two ladies in their Junior League t-shirts. They stood next to the area (on either side) to keep out the great unwashed and allow those lucky people who had a special pass to sit there. About 2 minutes before the concert started, they were approached by the executive director of the Grace Museum and asked to open up the last 2 rows. By then everyone was seated and the rows remained empty throughout the concert.

It really bothered me. I checked and the Junior League weren't listed as sponsors (they frequently are and usually have good seats reserved at children's events.) I thought about Jesus and his response, I thought about how it would look for my home church, my kids - this is a small town, yall. Anything I say or write (this or a letter to the editor of the paper) will be there forever! And it will be remembered..... Some of these ladies go to my church, some of their kids go to our school - they aren't bad necessarily bad people.

Then I see an another news story about Paris Hilton - is she getting special treatment because of her name and wealth? Of course she is. Just by virtue of who she is - she has special treatment. She can call Barbara Walters, collect - is anybody else in the LA County jail doing that? Her parents go to the front of the line when they visit her - no waiting in line for them.

My conclusion (on Saturday anyway) was that I couldn't be prejudice against anyone based on their t-shirt. Or what club they are in. This is what it boils down to - prejudice. Some people earn their snob title - Paris or the Junior Leaguer who shows her stripes - but they can't all be lumped into One Big Snob because of their club membership. Or what school their children attend. Right?

Monday, June 11, 2007

Read On, Ye Joyful Pilgrims

In the interest of plowing though books, I'm finishing some. I did finish The Chili Queen and it wasn't at all what I expected. I knew that the chili queens were in San Antonio around the turn of the century. They were street vendors that sold chili and looked good while doing it. So I kinda expected some story about Texas, Hispanics, and for some reason, I thought it would be funny. It wasn't any of those things. It was set in New Mexico, the characters were Anglo (mostly,) and it wasn't that funny.

It was about thieves, cheats, and prostitutes and one of their cons. I would try another of Sandra Dallas's books but I'll know what I'm getting myself into.

Since finishing it, I've also read Glory in Death by J.D. Robb. I haven't read any of this popular series but I saw it on someone else's blog (of course) and decided to give it a try. It's a murder mystery set in 2058 so it has that futurist thing I love, too. I did enjoy the story but I was a little put off by the s*x scenes. I knew that JD Robb is a pseudonym for Nora Roberts of romance book fame so I wasn't too surprised by all the information, shall we say.

Now I'm on to my next SRT book - Infidel. I have this from the library and it's a 7-day book - so my nose is in it! Sarah asked me if I was feeling pressured to read all my SRT choice - heck, yeah! It's like a deadline at school - June 21st here I come.

Life Goes On

I have a cold. It has messed up my life. I don't want to go anywhere but then again, there are things I can't miss. I don't want to be awake, but I can't sleep. I don't want to eat anything but, I'm eating anything that isn't tied down. Bummer.

Friday, June 08, 2007

Friday Fun Zone

It's only been two weeks and I can already see things going this way......

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Still Reading

Funny thing: The last two books I've read haven't been on my Spring Reading Thing Challenge. Duh. I did have The Road on my Dystopian Challenge but I'm really behind on the SRT Challenge. So I racing to finish some of the books....

I did finish The Twentieth Wife. My mom had recommended this book so I thought I should read it (Because I Said So!) I had already read it. Yep. I re-read it because it didn't end the way I thought it was going to. You know, I flipped over to the end and read the last page - I do that all the time. Jim thought it was humorous that I would re-read the whole thing but I so wanted to finish it!

Pretty good read. I had trouble keeping all the foreign names straight. I was bored with the battle sequences (sorry, Mom) but the love story was pretty good. That's all I've got to say about that.

Monday, June 04, 2007

All Cleaned Up

I've been talking to Kenny about taking showers instead of baths. He seems old enough and (this is the mama talking) it's quicker. I had mentioned to him that at camp there would be only showers and he informed me that he just wouldn't bathe while he was there. I was reminded that my friend, Judy (I Almost Had A Blog Once) told me that was half the fun of camp. I'm glad I won't be around to see or smell him.

I did convince him that showers were good and fast and he took his first alone shower 2 nights ago. (I say alone - not a baby with his mommy or daddy.) He was taking one again tonight when I went to check on him. The door was open (of course) and I noticed him in the big mirror over the sink. I informed him that when we shower - we pull the curtain closed. I had left this out of the Shower Orientation Talk. I explained that that kept the floor dry.

He just grinned and said, "Oh." I said, "Get all your hair wet, son."

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Blogs And More Blogs

For some reason - I have alot to write these days.... There are two articles in my draft folder right now. How does that work? Nothing for days, then, bam, something every day! Glad to be here for ya....

Phil has started a new blog. I know, I know, another blog?! Who has time to read what you already read?! Well, it's the Bible, yall. Psalms. There will be a Psalm a day for the next few months. Phil is also writing a short commentary to accompany each one. Even if you don't want to read what Phil has to say - you can read God's Word. Pop over and add it to your Bloglines. I'll also put a link in my sidebar so you may access it from here.

While we are talking blogs...... I am still writing on my TV blog. (It not the Bible, I know) If you are interested, you really should add it to your Bloglines so you're not checking it every day. Or check it every day - it looks good on my Sitemeter. It is also listed in my sidebar.

Lastly, don't you love this weather we're having?! I open my back door every morning so I can hear the birds and smell the morning air. I close it every afternoon when I hear the A/C kick on. We've been at the pool and played and talked with our friends. Both kids got sunburned and the mommies have planned to include the daddies by coming at night more often. I remember going to the lake and jumping off Daddy's shoulders - my kids need that kind of memory, too. Nothing better than Fun Dad.

Friday, June 01, 2007

Piles Of Laundry Before I Sleep

I gotta write about this! BooMama has written about her weirdness with her pajamas. She believes in wearing clean pajamas every night - this seems crazy to me. I get the logic behind it but oh, the laundry! If you follow the logic of clean jammies every night, then why not clean sheets every night? Several people even commented on clean towels every morning. I get it - I just don't want to do the laundry associated with it.

One of my friends sleeps naked - is she making her sheets dirty every night? Maybe this is the way to go. There was an article in yesterday's paper that told us sleeping naked is more healthy. Oh, and you know, there's a website. I think that would work well with Dr. Oz's advice to engage in, shall we say, martial relations at least 4 times a week. You read that right, he says that's good for your health. Alrighty then.

So, what's your jammie situation? My is cooler is better - cotton is better and I don't want anything that tangles up in my legs. (My son would say, "TMI, mom.")

Friday Fun Zone

YooHoo! Summer is here! Today is the first day of June and I'm going to start up with the Friday Fun Zone again this summer. So if you have any funny videos, send them to my email and I may put it up!

This is from last Sunday - I told Donnie, our children's minister, that I was planning on posting it. Some people will do anything to get folks to volunteer. Did you?