Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Weddings and More

Well, I saw the X-Men yesterday after I posted the blogthing. I frequently have as much trouble as Jean controlling my emotions. I haven't blown anyone up yet but ya never know..... Tammy and Rob told us to stay past the credits - too cool! I loved knowing something that not everybody knew. (That's the theory behind the DaVinci Code, too.) It was like WE were the coolest people, yeah.

Bottom line - loved the movie. I'll buy it on DVD and watch it again.

I worked a wedding this weekend. All I can say is - it was TOO HOT! The air conditioner wasn't (isn't) working in the auditorium and everyone mentioned it to me. Mom, Dad, Grandma, Cousin Bob, one of our members that attended. I nodded and said "Yes, it's hot. I'm sorry." I was ready for it to be my last wedding. I tried to be Jean Grey and think in some cool air but it didn't work - imagine that. Then they left without cleaning. We have a policy that anyone with an outside reception must clean up before they leave for the reception. Apparently this didn't apply to these people. The janitor wasn't there yet and I was by myself. A little aggravated and scared. My sweet husband and kids came to help me. Kenny thought I'd seen the "ghost." He claims to have seen a ghost in the children's wing.
We cleaned up the baptistery wall (lots of candle wax) and the janitor was there by then to clean up the carpet. Yes, candle wax all over our new black carpet. That's my job, folks. To make sure these happy families don't ruin our facility. No, it's not holy - just all we got! I'm off for 2 weeks.
One tatoo on a pregnant lady - the top of her foot.
Lastly (or finally,) how about some reading material for the summer? Karene wanted something and it got me thinking. I'm going to read one classic and one non-fiction this summer. Suggestions? I like fiction that doesn't make me think too much so I'm looking for a little more depth. Non-fiction is always a struggle for me, too. Come up with some ideas and I'll post my choices. Maybe you can join me?

Monday, May 29, 2006

I love the X-Men. Good over evil is always a great story.

You Are Jean Grey

Although your fate is often unknown, you always seem to survive (even after death).
Your mind is your greatest weapon, literally!

Powers: telepathy and telekinesis, the ability to project thoughts into the mind of others, communication with animals

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Birthdays and Other News

Tuesday was Abbie's birthday party and fun was had by all! My sweetie was 4 years old on Wednesday! It does seem that time is going too fast. It doesn't seem that long ago she was not using real words and I was worried about her. She and I went to have pedicures on her birthday - I thought it would be a nice birthday tradition. She didn't seem too impressed. Jim told me that a tradition takes a couple of years.

I need to mention that the big girl finally gave up her paci last week. Jim had to go out of town for work and she had to give it to him or go back to bed. She gave it to him! She knew she couldn't have it back. So she gave it up. Minimal screaming and yelling.

Thursday was the last of day school for Kenny and we celebrated by swimming at a friend's pool. So the long days of summer begin...

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Neither A Borrower Nor A Lender Be

If you are at the church building "borrowing" some poster paper for your child's party, you will see the children's minister. This is the point when he/she will ask you to help with VBS and you can't say no when your hand's in the cookie jar. So to speak.

I forgot to link yall to Sarah. She has an interesting point about our Sunday Best.

My Little Town

You know I love my "shows" but I haven't been big with American Idol in a few years. I was all for Kelly, then Reuben and Clay, then I stopped. Too much time to invest into one TV show. My kids and I love to watch the beginning when all the horrible people sing (Jim is usually still working nights.) Tonight I will watch and vote for Taylor Hicks. Birmingham is bringing it! Reuben is from my side of town, Bo Bice lived in the small suburb that Jim and I lived in, and Taylor is from the place I always shopped! Ah, to be so close to celebrity. I thought this was funny in the Birmingham News.

Top Ten reasons why Taylor Hicks should win "American Idol":
1. Song choices approved by Bruce Springsteen and reps for George Harrison. How cool is that?
2. Compare their dance moves. No contest.
3. Because he'd never, ever smile nonstop while singing "I Ain't Got Nothin' But the Blues."
4. If Elvis had a little brother, he'd look like Taylor.
5. "Saturday Night Live" doesn't spoof just anyone.
6. Because a soul man trumps an ice princess every time.
7. Gray is the new blond.
8. Taylor didn't wear Paula's tacky new jewelry line on camera.
9. With Soul Patrol, we're talkin'¤'bout a revolution. McPheever sounds like a sickness.
10. So Katharine's dad will really have a reason to cry.

Top 10 reasons why Katharine McPhee should win "American Idol":
1. Kat had her "moment" when she sang "Somewhere Over the Rainbow," and even Cowell dropped his scowl. Has Taylor had his "moment"?
2. Kat can navigate a car through the nation's busiest freeway interchange - the 101/405 in Sherman Oaks, the real "Malfunction Junction" - while talking on her cell phone, sipping a latte and doing her nails. Beat that, Taylor.
3. It's in the genes - Kat's mom is a vocal coach and dad is a TV producer.
4. More women have become "Idol" winners than men.
5. Better hair. That gray's gotta go.
6. "McPhee" sounds cooler than "Hicks."
7. Kat doesn't dance like she's being manipulated from above by strings.
8. Jerry Mathers, "The Beaver" in "Leave it to Beaver," went to Notre Dame High School in Sherman Oaks, where Kat graduated.
9. Kat can sign autographs with both her right and left hands.
10. Kat knows how to make friends. In the final cut-down show for "Idol's" Top 24, she was so excited she kissed all three judges on the lips. Your turn, Taylor.

Last night was the finale for 24 - one of the other shows you aren't watching. It was GREAT! It makes you feel safer just knowing that Jack Bauer and Aaron (the Secret Service guy) are on the job. Wait - that's not real, you say?! Jack really isn't on a slow boat to China?! Man, I gotta get out more....
Lastly, I've been trying to post my picture on the blog and I'm not having much luck. Apparently I have the wrong kind of file? jpg? Can I switch it to whatever? Help me....

Monday, May 22, 2006


Sunday morning was wonderful. We had Senior Sunday and there were lots of Seniors - high school Seniors. They were so handsome and good-looking but nothing compared to the 1st graders. At Southern Hills the 1st graders get a real (with words) Bible on Senior Sunday. Those kids were so sweet. So many of them are children of my friends and that made it even sweeter. One of the girls, Natalie, was so excited she couldn't stop laughing and giggling with Grace Ann. ( I used their real names cause it's sweeter.) Their grins were huge and cute! All the parents got up to take the kids pictures - that was priceless,too. A huge crowd pushing each other to get the best shot.

There were two baptisms, too. One of them was a guy baptizing his fiance - it isn't often you see someone come up out of the water and get a kiss. I'm sure it was a "holy kiss" as mentioned by Paul. The other was a young girl. Needless to say I was on emotional overload. I cried during the whole thing while both of my kids told me not to cry. One of the older ladies told me that she was a crier, too, but she takes 1 to 2 Aleve to even out her emotions. I kinda want to feel my emotions. Sometimes they're a little out of control but I want to be honest about them. You know?

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Easy Rider

There's a Harley Davidson motorcycle rally here this weekend. They're meeting over at the Expo Center which is just across the road from us. Jim and I saw lots of "bikes" when we went out last night. Harleys are just the coolest. All that chrome and leather with studs - LOVE IT! (I hear a Harley rumble now.) Styx is gonna be in concert for the rally tonight, too. (Come Sail Away) I realize I married a man who would rather have a horse, but I still think they are the coolest.

Sayid on a Harley - that's COOL!

Thursday, May 18, 2006


I remember my Grandma watching her "stories" everyday. In 2006, we have LOTS of channels so we don't have to watch "stories" but I still enjoy my "shows." Now I don't have TiVo (or and iPod or a cell phone, either) but, I need to see Lost on Wednesday nights. So I rely on the old-fashioned VCR. It failed me last night!!!! AGAIN! What was I to do? I know so of you are already planning to stay home next week so you won't miss a minute.

I downloaded it. This was so great! Why haven't I done this before??!! I used ABC's free (limited interruption) download. You can watch it anytime. I could have paid $1.99 but I have to save for my cruise. I felt so hip. I know it's more hip to download to your iPod and watch it on your commute but I don't have either one.

Sooooo...... Who are these others??!! Bad guys, obviously, but who do they work for? Are they there just to observe? Aren't you proud of Charlie?! I love that guy. And, you know, if I'm ever crashed on a island, I want Sayid with me. That guy is so cool. I can't wait until next week (imagine that as a whine.)

Stay tuned for more shows that you aren't watching but should be....

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

For I Come From Alabama With My Pantyhose...

Yesterday I was trying to find a video for Abbie, The Big Comfy Couch, and came across Kenny's baby dedication. It was at Homewood CofC and it wasn't called a dedication but "New Life Celebration." The thing that struck me so visually was the suits. All the men had on suits. The preacher had a beautiful, expensive suit. All the daddies had on suits, all the men helping in the service had on suits, all the grandpas had on suits. The suits were everywhere! This was in 1998 - only 9 years ago. I will say that all the mommies had on dresses and fancy shoes, too.

How times have changed. We've had guest speakers the last 2 Sundays and they both had on suits - it was weird to see. Steve just posted about our clothing choices for Sunday mornings and I was just thinking. When I moved here, Sarah and I where the only women we knew wearing pantyhose. I only wear them now to be warm. They aren't needed any other time. I wear pants on Sunday morning - I know but it's a big deal for me.

I cringe inside when I see the boys Kenny's age wearing untucked shirts, shorts, or sneakers on Sunday morn. I want at least jeans that are tucked in! I notice women and girls in jeans and flip-flops. I don't judge one way or the other but I see it. I LOVED WATS Day when I wore my jeans and work shoes on Sunday morning.

I have no answers. I struggle every Sunday with all the clothes around me (including my own.)
What about you? What about your church and your family? Are we all still ironing on Sundays?

Monday, May 15, 2006

Laugh And The World Laughs With You

These funny stories must be told:

Our preschool director is Mrs. Becky. Mrs. Becky is wonderful! She loves the kids and she loves the teachers. She genuinely desires the best in ALL of us. She used all the money she made at her position (and more I'm sure) on all of us. I have never worked for a better boss - and we know I've had quite a few. She probably weighs 115 soaking wet.

On the last day of school (Thursday) in Abbie's class, they had a SpongeBob Squarepants pinata. I can truthfully say that I would LOVE to smack SpongeBob. That show gets on my nerves so badly! Did you know they have only made about 90 episodes!? How many times can my children watch the same thing!? I digress. All the kids in the 3s class had taken turns hitting it and it still wasn't busted. Abbie told me that Mrs. Becky came in and "whacked the heck out of it with a chair." I don't know where she got such colorful language but the image of Becky "whacking" that pinata with a chair makes me laugh.


Again on the last day of school.... At about 8:00 at night, Abbie says to me "Mommy you forgot to put on my panties this morning." This was told in laughing voice like it was too funny! I said "You didn't have any panties on today???!!!" and then I checked. Nope, no panties. She told me that I had forgotten to put them on her that her morning. To set the record straight - SHE took them off when she used the bathroom that morning and didn't put them back on.

Jim said "Tell me she has on shorts under that." It was a skort. Criss-Cross Applesauce everybody!

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Attention, Big Doings (Or Donuts)

I just had to post this ASAP! Kenny has recieved donuts!! Yes, Judy was kind enough to bring him his own that he shared with all of us! (Be forwarned that pajamas shoudn't be worn late on Saturday morning!)

School's Out For Summer

Yeah! My preschool is done until September!! I really enjoyed teaching this year but I was ready to get out!! The kids are so sweet and hearing them sing "The B-I-B-L-E" can make my day. But it was time. You wouldn't think 2 year olds would get Spring Fever but they do.

Things I Won't Miss:

  • some of the food brought from home. One child would bring cold peas and carrots, tater tots, and over ripe cantelope. If you're thinking that sounds healthy, it was yucky to watch be eaten with fingers.
  • temper tantrums One child figured out that he/she was two and that meant "Terrible Twos!" He/She has been living it out for about 2 months.
  • diaper changes Enough said.
  • snotty noses We wiped noses all day every day!
  • getting kids to sleep It required patting the child's back until he/she would go to sleep - it drove me crazy!

Things I Will Miss

  • watching the kids grow and change
  • singing in Bible class Some of my kids were unchurched so it was even sweeter. Pat, pat pat the Bible....
  • Abbie playing all day with other kids She is already wanting them all to come over.
  • the other teachers I was blessed to be around some great women that made me laugh daily!
  • nap time Once they got to sleep, they looked so cute. I took pictures of them to put in their memory books.

Now it really is time to go to the pool! School's out and it's getting hot! I'm looking forward to next year (I already know some of my kiddos) but fun time is here!!

Friday, May 12, 2006

Cute Feet

Abbie is very proud to dress herself. She said "I wanna be like Ashley." Ashley is her 4th grade friend. Abbie always seeks out the older girls who love to mama - Ashley's one of them. She plays with Abbie all the time and I always feel safe knowing Ashley's with her! Ashley doesn't worry alot about fashion though.....

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Singing in the Church

Mom did a lousy job of picture taking for Abbie's program - sorry. She's in the middle on the front row with blue jean shorts on. She's standing next to the boy who she always plays house with- he's the dad. Abbie said she was a little nervous - maybe that's why she played with her hair the entire time. The little girls are two of Abbie's friends.

Thanks from Kenny for the sympathy (no he didn't write it!) but the donuts haven't come yet...

Saturday, May 06, 2006

From Kenny

Finally, I'm on the computer! I was able to find my way here without any help from my mom! She's always doing something else! Don't let the smile fool you - my parents ignore and mistreat me! I'm letting the whole world know now!

They used to let me have donuts on Saturday -not now. All I ever get is Pop-Tarts. This is supposed to make me happy?! I asked if one of them would make me (and Abbie) pancakes - of course not! Abbie got to eat pancakes on her trip with Mimi and Pop. I'm sure later when I ask to go somewhere, they'll say "no" or "no today." Why not!!?? Oh, I'm not supposed to ask that. Or they'll say something about "we don't have the money today." Yada, yada, yada.

Sometimes Daddy says to Mommy "your son." What exactly does that mean, anyway? Somebody help me. Someone bring me donuts!!

Friday, May 05, 2006

Eat at Joe's

We ate at Sharkey's Burrito Company last night and I'm giving yall the restaurant review. The burritos are big and bigger - that's how they are ordered. I got a "big." The "big" are very large - plenty large enough for me and Jim. Kenny had a child's size and he thought it was big enough. This is an issue considering how much he can eat! One of the things I like here is that I can make healthier choices ( without having to order turkey.) You may choose a wheat tortilla, black beans (over refried) and lots of grilled onions and peppers. They have chicken, ground beef, fajita meat, barbarso (something about cheek meat) and veggie choices. Lots of toppings - although the nacho cheese and guacamole are extra. The burritos are about $5.00 depending on your meat choice.

It's located in the United on Judge Ely which is kinda weird but Abilene has it's share of weirdness. It feels uninviting but I learned in college that is a ploy to get you to eat and get out! They can serve more people if you move along.
I like it - it seems like the kind of place I will carry-out when Jim is working nights.

I did finish my book night before last - 980 pages worth. Now I have to wait for the next one! I've been transported back to 1776 so I plan to read McCollough's 1776 - I'll just stay in the time period.
Lastly, for those of you keeping up, this title is a song title, too. It's from an obscure film that I own on DVD and always makes me laugh. Kudos to anyone that knows the name of the movie....

Monday, May 01, 2006

We Are the World...

We Are the Sermon... Yesterday was W.A.T.S. Day at Southern Hills and our entire family worked on 2 yards. Jim was given a work crew that consisted of our shepherding Group and we recruited a few more adults! This day is an opportunity to get out in the community and work (hopefully) like Jesus would. Something tells me that Jesus would have stepped over the trash and went right into their hearts but we had to start somewhere.

I want to tell you about our houses. The first was what most of us would consider - filthy. Both families had been sited by the city for their messy alleys and we, quite happily, cleaned up their yards, too. In Abilene, people are responsible for their alleys where the garbage trucks come down to empty the large trash cans. At the first family, there had not been much attempt to hit their garbage can. There was lots of trash (read beer bottles) and overgrown trees. There was lots of glass scattered in the yard and just junk. We cut limbs, picked up trash, raked the yard and made it look alot better. The second house wasn't as filthy but lots of tree limbs and a falling down fence. The church had trailers hauling off stuff and they came for the fence. Jim and some of the other guys loaded up their trucks and carried off the limbs and trash.

Now to the kids: they were right in there working like crazy! I was so proud of our entire group of kids. Mr. Donnie had already taught them the verse "work as working for the Lord" and I was telling the kids that we were cleaning this house like it was Jesus's house. One of them, Kenny maybe (probably) commented that Jesus sure had a dirty house!

One more thing - we were on the news. The Marcelains are friendly with one reporter and she ate with us and shot us at work. We were the lead story! Shout out to Charla and her family! We couldn't have done it without yall!