Saturday, May 13, 2006

School's Out For Summer

Yeah! My preschool is done until September!! I really enjoyed teaching this year but I was ready to get out!! The kids are so sweet and hearing them sing "The B-I-B-L-E" can make my day. But it was time. You wouldn't think 2 year olds would get Spring Fever but they do.

Things I Won't Miss:

  • some of the food brought from home. One child would bring cold peas and carrots, tater tots, and over ripe cantelope. If you're thinking that sounds healthy, it was yucky to watch be eaten with fingers.
  • temper tantrums One child figured out that he/she was two and that meant "Terrible Twos!" He/She has been living it out for about 2 months.
  • diaper changes Enough said.
  • snotty noses We wiped noses all day every day!
  • getting kids to sleep It required patting the child's back until he/she would go to sleep - it drove me crazy!

Things I Will Miss

  • watching the kids grow and change
  • singing in Bible class Some of my kids were unchurched so it was even sweeter. Pat, pat pat the Bible....
  • Abbie playing all day with other kids She is already wanting them all to come over.
  • the other teachers I was blessed to be around some great women that made me laugh daily!
  • nap time Once they got to sleep, they looked so cute. I took pictures of them to put in their memory books.

Now it really is time to go to the pool! School's out and it's getting hot! I'm looking forward to next year (I already know some of my kiddos) but fun time is here!!


Anonymous said...

Was I one of the teachers that made you laugh?? haha Or were you more just laughing AT me?? You don't have to answer that. 6:30 tomorrow night right?

Denise W. said...

I wasn't laughing AT you, I was laughing NEAR you! Tiff's at 6:30...