Friday, May 05, 2006

Eat at Joe's

We ate at Sharkey's Burrito Company last night and I'm giving yall the restaurant review. The burritos are big and bigger - that's how they are ordered. I got a "big." The "big" are very large - plenty large enough for me and Jim. Kenny had a child's size and he thought it was big enough. This is an issue considering how much he can eat! One of the things I like here is that I can make healthier choices ( without having to order turkey.) You may choose a wheat tortilla, black beans (over refried) and lots of grilled onions and peppers. They have chicken, ground beef, fajita meat, barbarso (something about cheek meat) and veggie choices. Lots of toppings - although the nacho cheese and guacamole are extra. The burritos are about $5.00 depending on your meat choice.

It's located in the United on Judge Ely which is kinda weird but Abilene has it's share of weirdness. It feels uninviting but I learned in college that is a ploy to get you to eat and get out! They can serve more people if you move along.
I like it - it seems like the kind of place I will carry-out when Jim is working nights.

I did finish my book night before last - 980 pages worth. Now I have to wait for the next one! I've been transported back to 1776 so I plan to read McCollough's 1776 - I'll just stay in the time period.
Lastly, for those of you keeping up, this title is a song title, too. It's from an obscure film that I own on DVD and always makes me laugh. Kudos to anyone that knows the name of the movie....


Nathaniel said...

I haven't had a Kudos in a long time, so I will take a stab at it. Is it ?
I'll admit that I hadn't heard of this one before, so I cheated and used asked my research assitant to look it up. His name is Google, and he knows how to find just about everything.

Anywho, I'll be expecting that Kudos ;-)

Nathaniel said...

OK, Blogger kind of messed up my post. I was trying to do a cool link to the movie's website, but ended up not even getting the name in there :-(

I'll try again. A Mighty Wind.

p.s. I hope that botched post doesn't ruin my chances for the Kudos :-D

Anonymous said...

There was some cop movie...can't remember the name. They are down in the morgue, and the pathologist opens the skull, gets all serious and says, "Hey, look at this." Then they all rush up to the head and the guy says, "It's a little sign that says 'Eat at Joe's'." It also made me laugh (I'm humming "It's a Small World" under my breath.) Have a nice day.

jessica said...

I love Sharky's... it is my new favorite stop on evenings when Rt has kid duty... two thumbs up is my review. My favorite part is that I don't put any of that healthy stuff on my burrito... so when I ask for loads of chesse the oblige!

Denise W. said...

Yes, Nathaniel got it right but only recieves 1/2 for looking it up! Funny movie but not too kid friendly...

Shannon said...

I have 1776 and have been waiting for school to slow down to read it. Maybe we can read it together?