Saturday, September 30, 2006

Does Anybody Really Care About Time?

I acknowledge that I like to have a current project. I seem to always have something on the front burner that demands my attention. It may be sewing, smocking, writing, speaking, cleaning (ok, NEVER cleaning,) or something I haven't envisioned yet (but I'm excited just thinking about it.) It seems to be my pace.

Last night, while I was working at Dittos for Kiddos, one of my new friends commented that I tired HER out and made HER feel guilty with all my goings. I was surprised that someone would see me as busy. She doesn't even know about Praise Team, Sunday morning class, Beth Moore study, bunko, Abbie's dance class, Abbie's speech class, Kenny's TaeKwonDo class, etc. I'm thinking she doesn't even read my blog and yall know that makes that me sit down and compose thoughts.

If she knew everything I truly do, maybe she would lie down and take a nap.

Sometimes I feel too busy - sometimes I feel that this is the way it's supposed my life SHOULD function. I think about next year without a job (presumably) to go to 2 times a week and how that will be. I'm writing this on Saturday morning without anything to do until this evening and I'm feeling free. Well, I have a pile of laundry, messy kitchen, pile of hand-me-downs to take care of - maybe I should get busy......

Did anybody recognize the song? Are you going to sing it all day?

Monday, September 25, 2006

Payback is H*ll

I cannot pass this by without a comment! My sweet husband has pulled a groin thingie and is on bedrest. That's not the funny part. One friend said that finally a husband has some issues with HIS private parts since it seems that all the mommies have had problems previously. That's not the funny part. Today dear hubby had to have a sonagram. It was done by a woman. Just think of it as payback for every OB/GYN that said "Scoot down a little bit more."

This post was approved by my dear hubby.
Edited to add: The sonagram showed they are HUGE and made of BRASS! And that he should be up and around soon.

I Was Drunk The Day My Mama Got Outta Prison

Monday 3:05 pm: Riding in the car with Abbie and the radio is on a country station.

First song: "She Ain't Much Fun Since I Stopped Drinking" Abbie asks "Why isn't she any fun anymore?"

Second song: "Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off" Abbie says "That's a funny song."

Monday 3:12 pm: I turn the station to Christian music.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

True Confession #1

I've been outed. It's true - I'm a SciFi fanatic. It started at a young age when the original Star Trek was on and my family always watched it. I have 2 brothers and a dad that controlled the TV so it wasn't long before we all fell in love with the original Battlestar Galacticia. I've always LOVED any time travel movie (Somewhere in Time, for the girls) or book (the Outlander series) and read alot of fantasy (that would include JRR Tolkien) when I was younger. I hit the SciFi channel every day to watch Stargate SG-1 and I've printed a picture of Samantha Carter so Rosie can cut my hair like hers. Any Star Trek on the air - I will watch. Seen 'em all. I was so excited when Phil used the Phage in a sermon over the summer! That's some serious sci fi!

Last night Jim and I watched the season finale of both Stargate SC-1 and Stargate Atlantis and I can't believe they are making us wait to find out what happens in, what, 6 months? All the dedicated fans would have tuned back in anyway! Why make us wait??!! I do have to say that the time traveling Dr. Who has always left me uninterested. I watched the new one last year and it wasn't appealing - too British, maybe?

None the less, life goes on. For me it's going right to Battlestar Galactica! It begins in 2 weeks and I'm beside myself! These are not your daddy's Cylons - these are BAD guys. Or are they? They believe in a god that created them. They have more faith than the humans usually. The humans believe in multiple gods that are fashioned after the gods of Greek mythology. History has shown us that all peoples have a creation mythology - why wouldn't robots? And what happens when robots and people procreate? Because on Battlestar Galactica they are. There's also an interesting contrast between how we do government and they do government. How much is the military in command and who commands it? What about religion in the presidency?

A rather long confession, I know. The link will take me forever but feel free to follow them. I've even put Galactica's webisodes link on here because they have original little tidbits! If you follow the 2nd link it's a 3 minute re-cap so you can join me in my addiction. Have a great weekend and May the Force Be With You.

Friday, September 22, 2006

Best Week Ever

Whew, it's finally Friday! I have lived though the Best Week Ever! I must say that ACU Lectureship was great. Being on the program was great but so was the whole experience. The weather was fantastic and all the people working with the program were so helpful. Tuesday was the best banter day we had. It flowed and rocked at the same time - Donna and I flowed and rocked, too. Tammy hit a home run on Wednesday - there were fewer tears shed than last time. All in all EVERYBODY should hire us for their next Ladies Retreat - we are good! Tammy has already suggested that when we speak at next year's Lectureship (of course they'll want us back!) it will be on "Loving Our Husbands." I'll be doing the portion for people who are grown and hubandless - it will be on living God's plan. It seems to be my recurring theme.

Teaser: So many women are unsure what their guy wants or how to make themselves happy. So many women talk about thier husbands like he's an idiot! How can we make our marriages something God intended? Let's learn from over 70 years of marriage what works for these ladies.

Would you come?

See some pictures on Sarah's blog....

Abbie's ready for dorm life. She's missing MawMaw and PawPaw and wishing they were here. She said she'd be happy if ALL our family lived in an apartment together. She mentioned Aunt Margaret and Sadie (MiMi's dog) and then all our friends! She's a social butterfly like her Mommy.

Monday, September 18, 2006

Good Day

We did it!!! We actually got up on stage and "did" Coffee Group! I can't believe the first day is in the can! Apparently we weren't loud enough, my dad didn't come because he thought he'd be the only guy, and I was sweating (or glistening, maybe.) Judy and Sarah were GREAT and my mom said she smiled the whole time.

Tommorow Donna and I will stand up and declare that God is faithful. Be in the Fulks Theatre at 9:45 for the grin to get your though your day!

Sidenote: Kenny just completed his homework and there was NO DRAMA! This includes Bible Bowl - 10 questions! He just told me that all that screaming just made the work take longer! Then he went outside to ride his bike! Let me tell ya, that's a good day.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Bama MawMaw in West Texas

Bama MawMaw: "Denise, how do yall keep your hair from blowing all over the place?"

Me: (laughing) "Mom, it just blows. It just blows." (more ironic laughing)

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Top Ten Memories of Harding U

So, some of you out there didn't know I was a Harding girl? I'm one of the few and far between that live in Abilene but didn't go to ACU. There's a handful of us and we look GOOD!

  1. Pattie Cobb or Heritage? I did both during my time there - Pattie Cobb did have more of a smell but what can you expect? The place was 40 or 50 years old when I was there.
  2. Singing in Pattie Cobb - Pattie Cobb was much looser and had talent night every once in awhile. It was actually my first public solo and my friends were (happily for me) rowdy and in front. I sang "Walking After Midnight" by Patsy Cline and it gave me the confidence to do it again.
  3. Hell Week and Rough Night - Did we really call it Hell Week? I'm pretty sure. My class was one of the last to have a TRUE hazing experience. That year somebody didn't wash off the stuff they had painted him with and his parents sued HU. That's when we all learned the phrase in loco parentis. IDIOT! Ruin it everybody, will ya? I personally was sooo nasty when it was over and I continued to find feathers in my hair (from the "tar" and feathers) for weeks afterward.
  4. Bible At 8:00 - I was the most naive Freshman EVER!! My first semester I had Bible 5x a week at 8 AM. There was a very strict attendence policy for Bible classes and I had to be there everyday!
  5. Fall on Campus - It's the most beautiful campus! Lots of trees that turned beutiful colors in October - just lovely.
  6. Spring on Campus - Then in the spring the dogwoods would bloom. They are so gorgeous! There was a huge pink one near the library that I can still see in my mind.
  7. Cathcart, Stephens, and New Dorm - I lived in all three and I think I liked Stephens the best. It just fit me. The Dorm Mom was some grumpy woman that thought those rules were the Ten Commandments or something. I would say "Get a life" but it's too obvious. They did rename New Dorm while I was there so I lived in both New Dorm and Sears.
  8. Bible 206, Bible207 - Okay, it's hard to believe that this makes the list but it does. My freshman year (ONLY!) two guys would advertise the campus devos during chapel by singing those 2 words over and over. It was always hysterical and we all loved to see them coming on stage. One of those guys was Monte Cox - currently on faculty at HU.
  9. Playing softball - I ended up in a jock club. Harding had a very elaborate system so everyone got invited to join a social club. I was accepted into my 2nd choice and it had lots of jock girls in there. I was NEVER a jock. My junior year they put me on the field because I was early to watch the game (insert athletic supporter joke here) and they needed one more person to field a team. I'd never thrown a ball or hit a ball or been on the field - yikes! I walked one and struck out one. My boyfriend taught me to catch after that. I do want to say that I loved my club, Kappa Delta Kappa, and those were some of the best girls to hang with ever.
  10. Getting my diploma - I wasn't an outstanding student and I had finally learned to study by my senior year - so I was happy to get out! Cliff Ganus handed me my diploma and my entire family was there - it was a good moment.

It's hard to believe that moment was 20 years ago but it was. This is my reunion year and they don't even have my address anymore. I usually read in alumni magazine that Pop gets (Class of '59) and see if anyone I know is listed. I've run into some people over the years that I went to school with and how can we not be friends? It's a small college and it was a wonderful experience.

Memories, light the corners of my mind Misty watercolored memories of the way we were.....

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Riddle Me This.....

Why does my 8-year-old son act like a 14-year-old girl? Are there hormones involved? Why all the drama? The sad thing is I know that about the time HE outgrows this - my 4-year-old daughter will start.

I'll explain about the hole later. It's a long, sad tale. *sigh*

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Where Were You?

Well, it's finally here. We are 5 years away from one of the worst days in American history. I remember someone saying that we would all know where we were on that day - just like the day Kennedy was shot. Here's where I was:

We were living in Monticello, Arkansas and Kenny was 3. I was up getting ready for my Tuesday morning Bible class. It was a large, interdenominational group and baby-sitting was provided. Both things were greatly appreciated by me let me tell ya! I had walked into the den and turned on the TV - I think Kenny had the TV on in his room at the time. I saw Katie and Matt on the Today Show talking about a plane having crashed into one of the Towers. It was tragic but it was New York City, ya know. I called Jim on his way to work and was telling him how horrible it was when the 2nd plane flew into the 2nd Tower. I'm sure you felt the same kind of shock I did. I couldn't BELIEVE it! It was just too unreal. I remember Matt's voice - his disbelief. I remember MY disbelief - How could this happen??!!!

I still went to study that day. There were probably 25 women (normal number) there and we were sitting in a large circle when someone came in and told us a plane had crashed into the pentagon. We had a special prayer for those people and went back to our study. We were all feeling a little unsettled but kept going. By the time study was over, we were all ready to be in our own houses. I was still thinking "crashed" it became "flew into" later.

After watching TV for a short time, I called my mom, then I called Mimi. I didn't know why talking to them was soooo important, but it was. They were safe in their respective cities. I tried not to think why anyone would want to bomb Abilene (Dyess Air Force Base) or Bham (large city with lots of people and planes) but I did. I was glued to the TV. I talked on the phone constantly with my friends. I wanted us all to be safe. I watched TV for 3 days and then tuened it off. It makes me cry now to think of all the suffering I didn't share in because I could turn it off. It breaks my heart that I couldn't help those hurting people, that I got to turn it off and go on with my life.

Abbie was born 9 months later.

To this day I can't believe that their are people with that much hate in their hearts. I can't believe they worship a god who encourages murder. I can't hardly think of them as humans - simply evil. I know God wants me to love them. I know God wants me to pray for them. So, pray for them today. Pray for the families of ALL the dead from that day. Pray for remembrance so we never forget. Pray for healing of hearts. Pray for Jesus to work among them. Pray for Jesus to come quickly.

Shannon is hosting a Mr. Linky so you can read more remembrances if you like.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

I Love A Parade

This is Katie Saylor!!! Wow! All the contestants ride and one of these girls is crowned the Rodeo Queen! That would be so cool if she wins! My kids love knowing the Queen. Her dad was riding behind her in a carriage - not very he-man, Guy.
This man is riding a steer - that's a bottle of water. We're God-fearing folks out here, yall!
Girls on horses - it's a MUST!

All the Fair execs (yup, these are the people who run it) ride in the front in old cars and straw hats.

This is our friend, Mike Rickard, he came over to say hi!

Yall, I just had to show you some pictures from the West Texas Fair and Rodeo Parade. That's one of my favorite things about living in a small town - all the parades. I have more (including the man on the toilet) but Blogger won't cooperate! Check back by later and maybe there will be more!

Friday, September 08, 2006

Top Ten Things I Said This Week That I Haven't Said In 3 Months

  1. We don't hit our friends.
  2. That's having good behavior. I like your good behavior.
  3. That's being a helper. Thank you for being a helper.
  4. Look at _________, he/she is sitting on his/her chair!
  5. Ring around the rosie.....
  6. We don't push our friends. (Favorite response: "I'm sorry I did that. I won't do that again." - just turned 2!)
  7. We share.
  8. Let's take turns.
  9. Let's use our spoon to eat our yogurt. (Seems like I have to remind my kids to use utensils sometimes, too.)
  10. Somebody needs diaper change!

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Tag Me, Baby

Well, I've been tagged! Just one more glimpse into my extra-exciting life! Holly, has tagged me to find tha nearest book, turn to page 123, go down 5 lines and write the next 3 sentences. After following those very specific directions, list the title and author. You all know I write at our desk. It has no books just lots of bills that never seem to be filed (not my job, mon.) I did find one located on the file cabinet NEXT to the desk (note the irony.)

"I wasn't trying to nail him," Chee said. "I was looking for information."

"And you tried to trick me?"

Sacred Clowns by Tony Hillerman

Excellent murder mysteries written by Hillerman - set in the Four Corners region on an Indian Reservation. I've read several and always enjoyed them.

I'll try to write about my week tomorrow. We had out first day at school and it went.

Monday, September 04, 2006

Monday, Monday

I've caught some little bug and I've spent most of the past 2 days in bed - not on the computer. I did sign up for BooMama's Labor Day Love Link. So, head over to BooMama and read a few of the other favorite links. She is giving everybody a chance to play - maybe you're next!

Friday, September 01, 2006

Friday Fun Zone

OK GO Treadmill Dance

I saw this one someone else's blog and had to post it. Sorry if it's old hat to you!

How do people think up this kind of thing?!