Monday, September 18, 2006

Good Day

We did it!!! We actually got up on stage and "did" Coffee Group! I can't believe the first day is in the can! Apparently we weren't loud enough, my dad didn't come because he thought he'd be the only guy, and I was sweating (or glistening, maybe.) Judy and Sarah were GREAT and my mom said she smiled the whole time.

Tommorow Donna and I will stand up and declare that God is faithful. Be in the Fulks Theatre at 9:45 for the grin to get your though your day!

Sidenote: Kenny just completed his homework and there was NO DRAMA! This includes Bible Bowl - 10 questions! He just told me that all that screaming just made the work take longer! Then he went outside to ride his bike! Let me tell ya, that's a good day.


Sarah said...

You know, I have thought it was SO good for Judy to start by telling our story, because she says that she encouraged us to tell God's story. And that is what we have done. May He be glorified -- and NO drama!! Yay!

judy said...

No drama---sounds good. Wonder what that looks like? God was smiling today.

Anne Jones said...

Sorry i missed it...I'm sure God was smiling :)