Sunday, January 29, 2006

Movie Review

The entire family went to see Nanny McPhee on Saturday and we loved it! This is a new fairy tale that I will enjoy seeing again on DVD. I recommend it to everyone. My kids enjoyed it and I really liked it, too. I laughed and cried (which Kenny mentions to anyone when discussing the movie.)

Kenny's favorite part: The tea party when the 7 children attempt to drive away the new stepmother. It was full of gross stuff.

Abbie's favorite part: At the wedding (it IS a fairy tale, after all) when the bride gets her dress and veil. It is very beautiful and I saw no tattoos.

Denise's favorite part: Nanny McPhee gives the children what they ask for - no matter the consequences. Oh, that we all could.

Jim's favorite part: He said "the end" but I'm sure there was something in there he enjoyed?

Friday, January 27, 2006

Name Change?

Kenny is fascinated with Chinese culture. I don't know why - maybe God's preparing us for something in his future? For those of you don't know, Sunday is Chinese New Year and Kenny's class just completed a unit on Chinese culture. They had eggrolls and fortune cookies for snack today and watched Mulan. (I'm sure there was some math in there)

Funny thing is they talked about the Chinese zodiac and Kenny brought home a zodiac paper. Not the usual one at every Chinese restaurant but a little different. I am a Tiger, of course. Today's paper said that "other people respect Tiger people for their deep thoughts and courageous actions." Perhaps I should change the blog name?

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Your Favorites...

Mike Cope 's blog today is about listing your favorite 3 worship songs. I'm a music addict and can recall lyrics from the 70's with ease. I've been reminded of some of my favorites while reading the comments section. I've also been amazed at some of the choices but I guess that's why some people complain about the song selections for Sundays. I ONLY complain when we sing Blue Skies and Rainbows.

Now it's your turn - What 3 worship songs would you choose for Sunday morning? Feel free to list again if you already posted on Mike's blog.

Friday, January 20, 2006

I Saw...

I saw a sign today that said they "Change your windshield wiper for free." It's hasn't rained here in at least a month.

I saw the Biblical size of Welch's grape juice (purple) in a refrigerator next to a bottle of Pinot Grigio. Does the Fruit of the Vine have to be red (purple)? I'm just asking.

I love irony.

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Here's a Sweet One

Yesterday's wedding:
Father of the Bride almost caused a meltdown in the bride's room before the wedding! Mother of the Bride was VERY upset! She questioned the FOB until he confessed what he had said to the bride. He told her "I'm sure I won't see anything that beautiful this side of the pearly gates."

It was beautiful and I only saw one tattoo.

Saturday, January 14, 2006

The Tattoo Wedding

This one was a few months back...
It seemed that everyone in the wedding had a tattoo. One of the bridesmaids had a large butterfly on her upper back that was visible (of course) in her bridesmaid dress. The bride's tattoo was on her ankle and I wasn't close enough to see her design. This is a problem with old age - you can't see the tattoos.
Then there was the music. The groom and minister walked in to "The Hammer of Krum." I had no idea what this was either. It turns out that this music is from "Conan, The Barbarian." It did sound like some barbarian music lots of banging timpani. The recessional is usually when the bridal couple REALLY express themselves so it's usually quirky or funny. I didn't know this song, something by the Pretenders, but on the my 2nd hearing I perked up. Did he just sing "hell?" I think he did sing "hell." He sang "hell." So do I make these people pull the song at the rehearsal? Do we have a curse word in our building, over the sound system? How bad does the cuss word have to be before we pull the song? One f-word, two?
I let it pass. I heard no more cursing on the song. I have since mentioned to the brides that the music should be without swearing.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Old Candy - New Fun

"These are exploding in my mouth!" "They are noisy in my mouth!" "Let's make these at home - here's a list of ingredients." "I'm getting Pop Rocks whenever I can find them!" Abbie just giggles.... Today my children discovered Pop Rocks.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Yeah, we played the Jack card and asked for prayer for him. For all you out-of-towners, Jack's MRI was great! His tumors continue to shrink.
I know lots of you have friends that need prayers and want to play the card for them. Lets! Be sure to ask for prayers for your family and friends whenever you need to. God isn't like "Bruce Almighty" that had to sit at his computer all day to get his prayer requests on email. Our God is so big and He has lots of memory!

Monday, January 09, 2006

Prayers for Jack
On a more serous note: pray for Jack today. He will receive a MRI this afternoon to determine his tumors size. This will impact his continued treatment. This family is dear friends with ours and we are all praying, too.

Pew Notes

I hate it when someone else sits in MY pew! This can set me back 2 or 3 songs, easy. Yesterday I had to sit in the middle. This isn't a problem for me except I have to leave to take Abbie to Kid's Church and usually Kenny needs water or needs to go out to blow his nose. I know this is the wrong attitude to take. So is this a rant or a confession? I'm not sure. We attend a large church with new people coming in all the time and they need somewhere to sit, too. When we first started we took one of the elders seats - they were gracious and never complained. It was my goal (unspoken until now) to get there before them every Sunday. But I LOVE to sit in the front so we moved up. Whose pew did we take? I have my thoughts and I try to beat them every Sunday now. God love 'em.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Notes from the Drive-In, Part II

The movie was Cheaper By the Dozen 2 and I must say it appeals to all members of the family:
Kenny's favorite part: 7th grader says he can follow a scat trail, 2nd graders (twins) say what's a scat trail? 7th grader says animal poop 2nd graders say OOOO and Cool!

Abbie's favorite part: 8th grade tomboy gets ready for her first date. She puts on make up and a skirt. This is told by Abbie with a head tilt and upward glance, very cutesy.

Denise's favorite part: Steve Martin, as the dad, tries to knee board. This is some type of water skiing. Gets dragged and slowly walks upstairs where he collapses on the bed. In a wet suit, totally spread eagled, completely wiped out! Bonnie Hunt, as the mom, walks in from the bathroom, "Oh, ok, I'll just put on some perfume."

Notes From the Drive-In

On Monday we went to the Town and Country Drive-In and these are some of the lessons learned:
1. Don't take fast food to the drive-in. It is hard to eat in the dark. Especially if you are 3.
2. Locate the bathrooms first. They are the same bathrooms from 1959.
3. Kids spill - take a roll of paper towels.
4. The smell of all food is over powering in an enclosed van. What smells good to one child will not to another.
5. There's no rewind - it's like a real movie.
6. The windows fog up when kids lean on the dashboard. Wiping them only makes a bigger mess.
7. You can throw up right outside the van - you don't HAVE to find the bathroom.

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Welcome 2006!

Well, it finally got here. 2006. Did you think we would all be like George Jetson? I did. When I was a kid, 2006 meant push button everything and a robot maid. I remember Jane, his wife, having problems with her fingers getting all tangled from too many buttons. A flying car with autopilot would be great on trips to Birmingham, too. I can see Astro's dog walk as a treadmill - though in 2006 PEOPLE use a treadmill and DOGS get a dog park!


On another note - my jobs. Some of you know I have numerous part-time jobs. My full-time job is Wife and Mother. (Do men say Husband and Father first?) I also teach 2 year olds at a Day School at Highland CoC. That is Tuesday and Thursday and I would be unable to add any other days, thank you. These are all babies that have just turned 2 and need diaper changes, encouragement to eat whatever mom sent, and to be patted to sleep. (Abbie gets to go for free.) I also am the only rep for Kelly's Kids in Abilene. The extra money is nice and Abbie's clothes are bought at a discount. One more.... I work for our church, Southern Hills, as a Wedding Coordinator or Facilities Manager for Weddings or Office liaison for Weddings. I can't settle on a job title. I make sure the building is set up the way they want it for their wedding and that it is set up correctly for the next worship service. I am present at all weddings and always help out with lots of stuff. I'm also supposed to represent Southern Hills in a good light especially to non-members. Lots of funny stuff happens at weddings - stay tuned.