Sunday, January 29, 2006

Movie Review

The entire family went to see Nanny McPhee on Saturday and we loved it! This is a new fairy tale that I will enjoy seeing again on DVD. I recommend it to everyone. My kids enjoyed it and I really liked it, too. I laughed and cried (which Kenny mentions to anyone when discussing the movie.)

Kenny's favorite part: The tea party when the 7 children attempt to drive away the new stepmother. It was full of gross stuff.

Abbie's favorite part: At the wedding (it IS a fairy tale, after all) when the bride gets her dress and veil. It is very beautiful and I saw no tattoos.

Denise's favorite part: Nanny McPhee gives the children what they ask for - no matter the consequences. Oh, that we all could.

Jim's favorite part: He said "the end" but I'm sure there was something in there he enjoyed?


Tammy M. said...

This was a wonderful movie! Emma Thompson has a wonderful imagination.