Sunday, January 01, 2006

Welcome 2006!

Well, it finally got here. 2006. Did you think we would all be like George Jetson? I did. When I was a kid, 2006 meant push button everything and a robot maid. I remember Jane, his wife, having problems with her fingers getting all tangled from too many buttons. A flying car with autopilot would be great on trips to Birmingham, too. I can see Astro's dog walk as a treadmill - though in 2006 PEOPLE use a treadmill and DOGS get a dog park!


On another note - my jobs. Some of you know I have numerous part-time jobs. My full-time job is Wife and Mother. (Do men say Husband and Father first?) I also teach 2 year olds at a Day School at Highland CoC. That is Tuesday and Thursday and I would be unable to add any other days, thank you. These are all babies that have just turned 2 and need diaper changes, encouragement to eat whatever mom sent, and to be patted to sleep. (Abbie gets to go for free.) I also am the only rep for Kelly's Kids in Abilene. The extra money is nice and Abbie's clothes are bought at a discount. One more.... I work for our church, Southern Hills, as a Wedding Coordinator or Facilities Manager for Weddings or Office liaison for Weddings. I can't settle on a job title. I make sure the building is set up the way they want it for their wedding and that it is set up correctly for the next worship service. I am present at all weddings and always help out with lots of stuff. I'm also supposed to represent Southern Hills in a good light especially to non-members. Lots of funny stuff happens at weddings - stay tuned.


Tammy M. said...

can't wait

Sarah said...

More than anything I'm cracking up that Judy almost set up a blog trying to comment. I love it!

If I were as thin as George or Jane Jetson I would walk my dog on the treadmill while I sat next to it, too.