Thursday, May 31, 2007

Which Action Hero Would You Be?

I thought this was pretty great! I was too excited to see the new Pirate movie and, as I watched, I wondered how these pirates could be so sexy.....

You scored as Captain Jack Sparrow, Roguish,quick-witted, and incredibly lucky, Jack Sparrow is a pirate who sometimes ends up being a hero, against his better judgement. Captain Jack looks out for #1, but he can be counted on (usually) to do the right thing. He has an incredibly persuasive tongue, a mind that borders on genius or insanity, and an incredible talent for getting into trouble and getting out of it. Maybe its brains, maybe its genius, or maybe its just plain luck. Or maybe a mixture of all three.

Captain Jack Sparrow




James Bond, Agent 007


Lara Croft


Batman, the Dark Knight


Indiana Jones


El Zorro


The Terminator


William Wallace


Neo, the "One"


The Amazing Spider-Man


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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Late Night TV

We've had lots of rain here lately. We need it so badly to fill up our lakes - we need it so we can have some water, you know, to drink. To brush our teeth. To have some green grass.

Well, last night was one of those nice, big thunderstorms. It woke me up at about 2:00 am and I couldn't go back to sleep. I lay there for awhile listening to the thunder and watching the lightening and being a big scariedy cat. Then I woke Jim up.

I have to explain here that Jim usually sleeps on the couch. No, it isn't a "stop touching me" issue or a "then you can just sleep on the couch" issue - it's a lifestyle choice. He likes to watch TV until he falls asleep - anything he wants - without me changing the channels. I've learned to not let it bother me and I usually get up about 2:00 or 3:00 or 4:00 and wake him up so he can get in the bed. So, if it is storming at 2:30, he already has the TV on and is usually watching the weather. But last night was different, Jim fell asleep before me and was already in the bed sound asleep.

So, at 2:15 am I woke up my sweet hubby, he watched the weather with me, said, "Is that enough?" Then he turned over and went right to sleep.

It's nice to have someone to always depend on, isn't it?

Monday, May 28, 2007

The Pool Is Open!

Pictures are last year's! I can't wait to see this beautiful, blue water again. I can't wait to see my kids laughing with their friends again. I can't wait to sit on the side of the pool and solve the problems of the world with my friends again.

Wanna come?

Next Book

I finished reading The Road by Cormac McCarthy. I had added this book because (again) I had seen it on several book lists and then Oprah choose it for her book club. I look forward to seeing the author on her show on June 5. The book was upsetting. I started it one night and couldn't put it down. I knew it would invade my dreams and it was too creepy for that. I decided that I did want to finish it so I picked it up again.

The story of a father taking his young son south on a dangerous road hoping that they would find some warmth there. The road is simply a highway that still exists (in part) and they have a semblance of a map. For me, the story opened all kind of questions. I was reading it on a weekend and I thought of it all through worship. Would God allow the world to end but not end? What would be my response as His follower? Could I still love that God? We even sang "How Deep The Father's Love For Us" that Sunday - which made me ask, "Is His love deep enough that His followers wouldn't have to suffer like in the book?" How far would I go to protect my children? My self? Would life be worth living?

Scary, huh? Yall all want to read it now, right? We never know why the world ended. We see the boy alive at the end - that's all. Sad and scary.

They lay listening. Can you do it? When the time comes?
When the time comes there will be no more time. Now it the time.
Curse God and die. What if it doesnt fire? It has to fire.
What if it doesnt fire? Could you crash that beloved skull with at
rock? Is there such a being within you of which you know nothing?
Can there be? Hold him in your arms. Just so. The soul is
quick. Pull him toward you. Kiss him. Quickly.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Spring Reading Thing Review

I'm behind on my book reviews......

I finished Prep and I enjoyed the book. I initially picked it because I has seen it on several blogs and when I bought it I noticed that it was named "One Of The 10 Best Books Of The Year" by the New York Times Book Review. That just made me feel even more superior for reading it - I need all the superiority I can get.

The book takes place in a boarding school near Boston and our main character is a scholarship student from the Midwest. She never feels like she fits in and it's a story of her struggles to do so. I also enjoyed that it was told though her voice as an adult - she would look back and see all the ways it could have been better. Don't we all wish we could do it over knowing what we know now? How much better high school would have been with a little life experience and knowledge.
The writer, Curtis Sittenfeld (a woman,) was also able to write about all the things I've forgotten - intentally.
For years and years, there would be so many things I'd do for a guy the I wouldn't do in my usual life - jokes I wouldn't normally tell, places I wouldn't normally go, clothes I wouldn't normally war, drinks I wouldn't normally drink, food I wouldn't normally eat or food I would normally eat but wouldn't eat in front of him. I am twenty-four, and I and the guy I like are with a group of people and the person driving is drunk and the seat belts are buried in the seat and I ride along anyway because, apparently, what I want from the guy is worth more than everthing else I want or believe. It must be, right?
Yikes! One of the best things about being married - never trying to do everything to make someone "like" you.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Blog Correction

It looks like the Email BoogieMan is at it again. Anthony has put a link to Snopes for us all to see. It tells us that boycotting one brand of gas doesn't change the price of gasoline. So - disregard that last blog post. You can buy your gas anywhere you want - it's too expensive everywhere! For you out-out-towners - it's risen to $3.15 here. I will fill up later today and I hope it hasn't gone over $2.99 at the Evil Empire.

So have you changed any habits in response to the (overly-taxed) gas prices? I'm more aware of doing all my errands at the same time. If I'm out, I wanna get it all done at once. What about you?

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Power To The People

Gas for $3.05 at the Fina on South 11th. That's just too much. That's ridiculous. That's just wrong.

I got an email this morning telling us all not to buy gas from Exxon/Mobil - they are owned by the same company. They are one of the largest oil companies in the world. This will create a loss of demand for them so - logically - they will be forced to lower their prices. Just yesterday on the Today show some Fat Cat (literally) that runs one of the oil companies said the price was based on supply and demand.

So, let's mess with the demand. We live in a Free Market - let's use our power. Stop buying gas at an Exxon/Mobil station.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Tattoo, Anyone?

Not long ago I was talking tattoos - again. I kinda want a tattoo. My friend, Tammy, has one on her ankle - she got it there because (hopefully) it won't sag for a long time. Good reasoning.

I mentioned that henna tattoos were temporary and perhaps an alternative. I'm ready to give henna a try. Check out this post over at Planet Nomad - she attended a wedding and has some pictures of the bride.

Promised Pictures

Abbie at the Young Children's World program. She's the one in the skort - of course. Abbie has decided she only likes skorts, not shorts!

This is Kenny's 3rd Grade Program. He's the kid on the maracas with the new white shirt and black jeans his mom bought him just for the program.
Here's Abbie in costume for her recital. The tutu was good but the make-up was wonderful!

Here's a bunch of Snow Whites waiting to go on stage. Aren't they the cutest? Jim couldn't tell which one was Abbie when they were on stage - they looked that much alike!
Attn Blogger: This is crazy and I can not fix it! The words came out like this because? Friends, enjoy the goofy words - it wasn't like this when I "previewed" it.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Back In The Saddle Again.....

Yesterday was really good. I think the key to Mother's Day is to remember that's it's just another day. It really isn't that special - just be happy that, as the mom, you get to pick the lunch spot. I choose Outback. Good salmon.

There was a sweet video of the some of the preschoolers talking about their moms - Abbie was on there and adorable. I don't feel comfortable uploading it here without all the parent's consent but you can go here and watch it. The kids were so cute! It seems one of our familes has a problem with bull snakes.

I did check out a musical from the library on Saturday - Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. The kids really enjoyed it and, of course, Jim and I sang along (Oh, they say when you marry in June - Those women were sobbin, sobbin, sobbin) Kenny really liked the guys dancing in that movie (you will remember that the men have very gymnastic dancing) and Abbie was into the girls dancing, too. I had forgotten how much these old movies teach about love and marriage. This musical was a wonderful lesson on manners, treating women right, and living God's way. I also got The Road to Zanzibar with Bing Crosby, Dorothy Lamour and Bob Hope. Kenny got most of the jokes (there are tons!) but Abbie didn't enjoy it as well. She ran around and played with her toys, of course.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

The Week In Review

It's been a crazy week. I've been extra tired. Let me make a list....

  1. I sang Sunday and Jim's group finished up the WATS Day house. They painted the outside and it looked alot better. I don't feel comfortable putting pictures on the WWW but you can go to the Southern Hills website and see some. Check out the small color pictures - they are all from WATS. If you refresh the page, the picture changes! Cool, huh?
  2. Kenny apparently got sun poisoning on Sunday. His skin is so sensitive (I use fragrance-free, color-free detergents and I miss that clean smell on my sheets.) and he was beet-red on his arms and legs. It was creeping up his neck unto his face and it was on his chest. He came home, washed everything off his skin (with a hypo-allergenic soap, of course) took Benedryl and Clariten, and lay on the couch.
  3. Abbie and I went to rehearsal on Monday afternoon for her recital at the Civic Center. She had to be in costume. Then Monday night was the YCW end of the year program - my class sang and Abbie's did, too. I'll post pictures when I upload them.
  4. That night I finished the wonderful memory books that all YCW teachers do for their students. (being Jesus to people, being Jesus to people) It was 1 AM when I finished. I thoiught they looked pretty good.
  5. Tuesday was spent getting ready for the end of school. There was tons to clean, pack up, send home, etc.
  6. Wednesday I had to buy Abbie's teacher gifts, a gift for Mrs. Becky from Abbie, a revealing gift for my Secret Pal and get my eyebrows done. By the time this was finished I just sat in front of the TV and didn't think. Not thinking was key.
  7. Thursday was the last day of school for me and Abbie. YIPEEEEEEE! Thursday night Abbie had Dress Rehearsal ("Mommy, what's dress rehearsal?") and Kenny had his 3rd grade program. I hired a baby sitter to take Abbie to rehearsal so I wouldn't miss Kenny's dancing! Kenny's dancing partner didn't show up - he played the maracas. I'll post some pictures soon.
  8. Finally Friday! I was foot-loose and fancy-free. Except for taking Abbie to speech, going to Target, trying to get my free Recital tickets ($10 each,) going to Wal-Mart for just one thing, forgetting my purse, going home, eating the delicious grilled cheese (which Abbie has decided she doesn't like) and making it to Recital by 6:20.
  9. Saturday. Ah, Saturday. My readers, my kids to the library. A great old musical to watch together. South Pacific, West Side Story, or maybe Flower Drum Song.

Now that school's out (for me - Kenny has 10 more days) - I can write down some of the stuff you may be dying to read......

Saturday, May 05, 2007


Anne has tagged me and like the follower that I am I will comply. I'm supposed to list seven random things about me - so away we go:

  1. I use Clinque make-up. I've been using it since college and it hasn't done me wrong yet. I wonder if this is an age thing - does everyone my age use Clinque?

  2. I went to camp for the first time when I was 8 years old. Loved it.

  3. I love Zinnias and Gerber daisies. I used to have Zinnias in my yard but this house has too much shade. My grandmother grew lots of them every summer.

  4. I read music, some. I cannot pick up a piece and just sing it but looking at the notes always makes me feel better.

  5. There are 43 feeds listed on my Bloglines. Several don't post very often.

  6. I don't do puzzles. I married into a puzzle family.

  7. I love antique linens. I have quite a bit and I don't use them very often but I love them.

Friday, May 04, 2007

May Days

We hit some mile-markers here for summer:

  1. Two more days of preschool. The end-of-the-year program is next week. We've already started packing stuff up over there.
  2. Kenny had his track and field day today. I don't think Kenny will go to ACU on that scholarship.
  3. I pulled out my favorite shorts from last year and found $3.00 in one of the pockets.
  4. We went to the yearly Abilene Swim Club meeting - hoping to win the free dues for this year. We didn't.
  5. I paid for swimming lessons.
  6. I pulled down my favorite summer purse (it's a straw fuchsia) and found $1.52 in it. (I like the surprise of finding money.)
  7. The air-conditioner had to be turned on today.

Summer, here we come!

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

WATS Day Picture

Isn't this the cutest picture!? This was obviously early on WATS Day since the yellow gloves and the white t-shirt are both still clean. I threw the gloves away and the t-shirt will never be the same!

This is Madilyn and Abbie and their Sunday School teacher all together. Connie (their teacher) was working at the house next door and they were so excited to see her.

A little extra: Abbie keeps her Sunday School teachers in stitches. Every Sunday they tell me of some crazy/funny/darnedest thing she had said during class. A couple of weeks ago they were learning about King Saul - that he was very tall and good-looking. Abbie piped up with, "He was hot." Cracked them up. Yep, that's my daughter.

Just Like Mom

I think we've established which kid is like me (Kenny) and which is like Jim (Abbie.) Once again I'm seeing myself. On Saturday Kenny had a Bible Bowl meet in Denver City (someplace far away) so he had to be at the church at 5:45 am. There was no discussion - I took him. It's funny because when my alarm went off at 5:00 - Kenny was already up. He didn't need an alarm.

Just like his mom. I usually can't sleep very well before a trip and I wake up extra early. I don't know why. I've wished it was different but it isn't.

Needless to say - after that kind of day on Saturday and WATS Day on Sunday, Kenny slept well on Sunday night. Even though the lightning flashed. And the wind howled. And the thunder, thundered.