Wednesday, May 02, 2007

WATS Day Picture

Isn't this the cutest picture!? This was obviously early on WATS Day since the yellow gloves and the white t-shirt are both still clean. I threw the gloves away and the t-shirt will never be the same!

This is Madilyn and Abbie and their Sunday School teacher all together. Connie (their teacher) was working at the house next door and they were so excited to see her.

A little extra: Abbie keeps her Sunday School teachers in stitches. Every Sunday they tell me of some crazy/funny/darnedest thing she had said during class. A couple of weeks ago they were learning about King Saul - that he was very tall and good-looking. Abbie piped up with, "He was hot." Cracked them up. Yep, that's my daughter.


Anonymous said...

Denise -

I've just gotten caught up on this week's posts (since Sunday - internet access out!), and want to tell you that I'm proud of y'all for WATS!! THAT is what I think "church" should be about.