Saturday, May 12, 2007

The Week In Review

It's been a crazy week. I've been extra tired. Let me make a list....

  1. I sang Sunday and Jim's group finished up the WATS Day house. They painted the outside and it looked alot better. I don't feel comfortable putting pictures on the WWW but you can go to the Southern Hills website and see some. Check out the small color pictures - they are all from WATS. If you refresh the page, the picture changes! Cool, huh?
  2. Kenny apparently got sun poisoning on Sunday. His skin is so sensitive (I use fragrance-free, color-free detergents and I miss that clean smell on my sheets.) and he was beet-red on his arms and legs. It was creeping up his neck unto his face and it was on his chest. He came home, washed everything off his skin (with a hypo-allergenic soap, of course) took Benedryl and Clariten, and lay on the couch.
  3. Abbie and I went to rehearsal on Monday afternoon for her recital at the Civic Center. She had to be in costume. Then Monday night was the YCW end of the year program - my class sang and Abbie's did, too. I'll post pictures when I upload them.
  4. That night I finished the wonderful memory books that all YCW teachers do for their students. (being Jesus to people, being Jesus to people) It was 1 AM when I finished. I thoiught they looked pretty good.
  5. Tuesday was spent getting ready for the end of school. There was tons to clean, pack up, send home, etc.
  6. Wednesday I had to buy Abbie's teacher gifts, a gift for Mrs. Becky from Abbie, a revealing gift for my Secret Pal and get my eyebrows done. By the time this was finished I just sat in front of the TV and didn't think. Not thinking was key.
  7. Thursday was the last day of school for me and Abbie. YIPEEEEEEE! Thursday night Abbie had Dress Rehearsal ("Mommy, what's dress rehearsal?") and Kenny had his 3rd grade program. I hired a baby sitter to take Abbie to rehearsal so I wouldn't miss Kenny's dancing! Kenny's dancing partner didn't show up - he played the maracas. I'll post some pictures soon.
  8. Finally Friday! I was foot-loose and fancy-free. Except for taking Abbie to speech, going to Target, trying to get my free Recital tickets ($10 each,) going to Wal-Mart for just one thing, forgetting my purse, going home, eating the delicious grilled cheese (which Abbie has decided she doesn't like) and making it to Recital by 6:20.
  9. Saturday. Ah, Saturday. My readers, my kids to the library. A great old musical to watch together. South Pacific, West Side Story, or maybe Flower Drum Song.

Now that school's out (for me - Kenny has 10 more days) - I can write down some of the stuff you may be dying to read......