Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Tattoo, Anyone?

Not long ago I was talking tattoos - again. I kinda want a tattoo. My friend, Tammy, has one on her ankle - she got it there because (hopefully) it won't sag for a long time. Good reasoning.

I mentioned that henna tattoos were temporary and perhaps an alternative. I'm ready to give henna a try. Check out this post over at Planet Nomad - she attended a wedding and has some pictures of the bride.


Donna Ware said...

I am ready. All us coffee gals need a tatoo!

Tammy M. said...

I LOVE my tattoo. I remember when I first had it done, way back in 1991, it was not as common nor as accepted as it is today, the word body art hadn't even been invented. My friends that were not my "rocker" friends thought I had gone over the edge. My "rocker" friends, you know the look we all had big permed hair, mine was platinum blonde, I wore alot of black and accessories that had metal on them, followed suit right after me. And my ankle was the right choice after pregnancies and aging, my ankle still looks good, rock on!!!!!

Lisa said...

I have a young friend who wants to get the words "I'm pregnant" tattooed in teeny little letters on her lower belly. Then when she really is, it'll stretch and grow and be big enough for people to read! Ha ha ha!

I don't know what I'd get if I got one. It would have to be something scandalous though. Scandalous and in a place that wouldn't show unless I chose to show it. :-)

Hmmm -- what should it be?

Oh -- and I'll be in Abilene May 30-June 2. Hope I can see you!