Monday, May 21, 2007

Blog Correction

It looks like the Email BoogieMan is at it again. Anthony has put a link to Snopes for us all to see. It tells us that boycotting one brand of gas doesn't change the price of gasoline. So - disregard that last blog post. You can buy your gas anywhere you want - it's too expensive everywhere! For you out-out-towners - it's risen to $3.15 here. I will fill up later today and I hope it hasn't gone over $2.99 at the Evil Empire.

So have you changed any habits in response to the (overly-taxed) gas prices? I'm more aware of doing all my errands at the same time. If I'm out, I wanna get it all done at once. What about you?


Anne Jones said...

Somethings gone wrong with the worl when it costs us $9.00 for the gas to mow my own yard!!

Anne Jones said...


Tammy M. said...

Jimmy Carter would say it is all President Bush's fault.

Troy M. Stirman said...

Get a motorcycle or moped!!



Stephanie said...

What do I do differently? Drive less, shop less (gotta save my money or gas) and travel less (re-thinking those summer vacation destinations and staying closer to home.)