Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Spring Reading Thing Review

I'm behind on my book reviews......

I finished Prep and I enjoyed the book. I initially picked it because I has seen it on several blogs and when I bought it I noticed that it was named "One Of The 10 Best Books Of The Year" by the New York Times Book Review. That just made me feel even more superior for reading it - I need all the superiority I can get.

The book takes place in a boarding school near Boston and our main character is a scholarship student from the Midwest. She never feels like she fits in and it's a story of her struggles to do so. I also enjoyed that it was told though her voice as an adult - she would look back and see all the ways it could have been better. Don't we all wish we could do it over knowing what we know now? How much better high school would have been with a little life experience and knowledge.
The writer, Curtis Sittenfeld (a woman,) was also able to write about all the things I've forgotten - intentally.
For years and years, there would be so many things I'd do for a guy the I wouldn't do in my usual life - jokes I wouldn't normally tell, places I wouldn't normally go, clothes I wouldn't normally war, drinks I wouldn't normally drink, food I wouldn't normally eat or food I would normally eat but wouldn't eat in front of him. I am twenty-four, and I and the guy I like are with a group of people and the person driving is drunk and the seat belts are buried in the seat and I ride along anyway because, apparently, what I want from the guy is worth more than everthing else I want or believe. It must be, right?
Yikes! One of the best things about being married - never trying to do everything to make someone "like" you.