Monday, May 14, 2007

Back In The Saddle Again.....

Yesterday was really good. I think the key to Mother's Day is to remember that's it's just another day. It really isn't that special - just be happy that, as the mom, you get to pick the lunch spot. I choose Outback. Good salmon.

There was a sweet video of the some of the preschoolers talking about their moms - Abbie was on there and adorable. I don't feel comfortable uploading it here without all the parent's consent but you can go here and watch it. The kids were so cute! It seems one of our familes has a problem with bull snakes.

I did check out a musical from the library on Saturday - Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. The kids really enjoyed it and, of course, Jim and I sang along (Oh, they say when you marry in June - Those women were sobbin, sobbin, sobbin) Kenny really liked the guys dancing in that movie (you will remember that the men have very gymnastic dancing) and Abbie was into the girls dancing, too. I had forgotten how much these old movies teach about love and marriage. This musical was a wonderful lesson on manners, treating women right, and living God's way. I also got The Road to Zanzibar with Bing Crosby, Dorothy Lamour and Bob Hope. Kenny got most of the jokes (there are tons!) but Abbie didn't enjoy it as well. She ran around and played with her toys, of course.


Tia said...

Abbie was VERY adorable! And she looked beautiful. Of course all the kids were cute.