Friday, May 04, 2007

May Days

We hit some mile-markers here for summer:

  1. Two more days of preschool. The end-of-the-year program is next week. We've already started packing stuff up over there.
  2. Kenny had his track and field day today. I don't think Kenny will go to ACU on that scholarship.
  3. I pulled out my favorite shorts from last year and found $3.00 in one of the pockets.
  4. We went to the yearly Abilene Swim Club meeting - hoping to win the free dues for this year. We didn't.
  5. I paid for swimming lessons.
  6. I pulled down my favorite summer purse (it's a straw fuchsia) and found $1.52 in it. (I like the surprise of finding money.)
  7. The air-conditioner had to be turned on today.

Summer, here we come!


jessica said...

I wish summer would get here. I am sick of early morning alarms! I long for sleeping late only to get up and put my swimsuit on and lounge at the pool!