Thursday, January 31, 2008

Walking My Life Away

Funny thing about walking on a treadmill. You are able to increase your speed with the push of a button. You are able to increase your incline with the push of a button. You are able to chose a walking program just by pushing a button.

But (as hard as I have tried) you cannot increase your time spent on the treadmill by just pushing a button. It appears that some things I am unable to manipulate......


Tuesday, January 29, 2008

We Have To Go Back!

My obsession lives! It's over here. You know Sarah told me to just have a Lost blog - so, I do. Kinda.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

One Small Step For Us

Do you think we are paying too much for oil? Do you think that our country depends too much on other countries for oil? Are you tired of seeing the Saudis on TV with more money than the law should allow?

Then you can do one simple thing to make a difference. One thing.

Take a re-usable canvas bag to the grocery store instead of using the plastic bags they give out.

Here's the facts:

100 Billion plastic bags that are used every year = 12 Million barrels of oil
If every American household took one re-usable canvas bag to the store on every trip, our country could save 10 Billion plastic bags. Enough fuel for 50,000 cars for 1 year.

I confess, I haven't been doing this. I have a bag in the car (that I got free from ACU Lectureship - it has Christian Homes on it) that I have been trying to remember to carry into the store. I have switched to paper sacks all the time but that brings up tree issues - at least paper sacks recycle and decompose.

So, don't you have a freebie canvas bag laying around the house that can become your grocery bag? Or, at least, one of them?

I saw this on the Today Show -

Friday, January 25, 2008

The Big Bloggy Move

big bloggy move2
My new bloggy dress is ready! It was designed and made for me! I'm so happy that I can't stand it! And just like a brand-new dress, I wanna wear it now - I don't wanna wait!

But, just like Easter, I'm waiting for that special day.

Are you thinking that you need a new dress, too? Have you grown weary of Blogger? Do you want to move over to Typepad? Just need some new accessories (colors, fonts) to make you look better?

Join the fun on February 11 - I'm thinking that there will be prizes, too.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Germy House

As alot of you know we've had sickness at our house. It seems like everybody has, too. Kenny's been sick since last Monday and he's finally 24 hours without a fever! We are beside ourselves! I've been so glad the rest of us haven't caught it. Amazed really that Abbie's still fine.

I told him on Saturday that I could tell he had lost weight. He ran to he scale and he's dropped about 6 lbs. It reminded me of one of my favorite lines from The Devil Wears Prada.

I'm just one stomach flu away from my goal weight!

Friday, January 18, 2008

The Queen Of Fun

While I was walking the treadmill this morning (surprise! I move more than just to my computer) I saw this fun interview with Janet Huckabee on Good Morning America. You can read it here - I'm not sure about the video. I wanted to put it up before they took it down.

I haven't chosen a candidate yet (that seems to be a rather popular place right now) but I loved this story and it made me like somebody else from Hope, Arkansas.

More 4th Grade Fun

Oh, the Fourth Grade..... Kenny's friend came over and rang our doorbell yesterday. Now, yall, he rings the doorbell about every other day and Kenny usually turns him down to play. But yesterday - when it was almost time for supper (can it be supper at 5:30?) - he yelled something and went outside. I looked for him and they were sitting in the gutter in front of our house playing/talking/shooting the breeze/whatever.

When Kenny came in I asked him what they were doing and he told me they were playing "spinners." Now, all I've heard at my house about playing - is playing on the Wii - what the heck are spinners? And since when do we have one?

They are folded pieces of paper that 4th grade boys play with. Kenny's is colored very nicely and can spin. Now Kenny tells me that some boys play "for keeps," but Kenny doesn't do that. His friend down the street does play for keeps and he has over 50.

Well, bully for him. My obvious question is "How many has his mother already snuck into the trash?"

Edited to add: I actually wrote this in October and I thought I had posted it - apparently not. This may actually explain Abbie's comment on this post.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Could It Be - Another Contest!

As most of you know by now, my family did not win Tammy's portrait contest. It went to a super-cute toddler with a beautiful red pedi-skirt. I kinda figured that we couldn't beat all those babies and a pregnant lady, too! That's what I call "stacking the deck!"

I'm excited now that Tammy has new a contest! It's her Wedding Image Contest! It's time to choose your favorite shot from the weddings that Tammy shoot this year. I really thought this would be easier because I could choose any picture but, as I'm sure you figured out, that just made it harder! I thought, too, that I wouldn't know anybody but I do.


Leap over and pick your favorite! Just like before you could be a winner, too. Maybe I'll win that......

Monday, January 14, 2008

The Chunkster Challenge

It's time to join a reading challenge. I like having a goal with my reading and I enjoy trying to find books that I'm interested in but otherwise might not read. So I'm joining up for The Chunkster Challenge 2008!

The Challenge is to read 4 books that are big'ens (well, not that big.) The books must be 450 pages in length and need to be reviewed. Dana is the host for his challenge and you may join it too by February 1st! I would love to have some of my faithful readers involved! And there are prizes! I just love prizes......

Here are my titles and their links...

The Other Boleyn Girl - I remember as a young girl being fascinated with Henry VIII - he did whatever he wanted and got away with it. That included murdering wives, divorcing wives and changing the official religion of England (so he could have his own way.)

The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay - I will admit I don't know much about this book but the title and author intrigue me. So I'm going for it!

Lord John Grey and the Brotherhood of the Blade - This book is the 2nd in a new series by one of my favorite authors, Diana Gabaldon. She is the author the Outlander series and I've read all of them (at least once) and I'm looking forward to reading them again. I'm currently re-reading the first in this series, Lord John Grey and the Private Matter, in anticipation of the next two. I actually got #3 in this series for Christmas!

The Blind Assassin - Another author that I have enjoyed before, Margaret Atwood, and this is supposed to be one of "those" books. One of the books you must read! It isn't futuristic - the other two of hers I have read are - but actually set in the 30's.

Did I inspire anybody to join? To read with me? To pick up a book and read for enjoyment?

Saturday, January 12, 2008

A Question For The Weekend

Well, we haven't had one in awhile so I felt that we needed one or two.....
How do you take your coffee? Was it an acquired taste?

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Get Out The Vote!

This post will stay at the top of the page until Friday. Scroll past for new posts!

Tammy is having a little contest on her blog and I want one of my readers to win! All you have to do is follow the link over to her site and vote for your favorite picture. Now, I really want you to vote for one of my family's (because they are great!) and we can win a prize, too.

Tammy is giving away a $20 gift card to Target or iTunes for the randomly selected voter and a free 16x20 to the family that recevies the most votes. We can both win!

Okay, here we go....
Follow the link to her site (or click here.)

Watch the slide show to choose your favorite picture. Or look at the gallery of pictures (we start on screen 10.) Here's the skinny on the Waldrop pictures - our numbers are waldrop075, waldrop077, waldrop110, waldrop144, waldrop217, waldrop240, and waldrop251. (All are great...)

List your favorite in the comment section or email Tammy at

Wait to hear if you won!

The contest ends on Friday, January 11 and one vote per household (bummer, since some of you have Internet connection in your home, at your work, on your cell, your child's cell, etc.) Is all this clear as mud? You may ask me questions in my email if you have any.

Go Vote! It's your bloggy duty!

New! and Improved!

I've had this blog for 2 years now and as some of you know I've grown very weary of the look of it. I've been to cheap to change it and I haven't taken the time to figure out how to make it different. I have twicked some of the colors and fonts but not enough to make me happy.

It's a fact that I'm a little font crazy. I see print and I'm instantly drawn to the font. I have had 6 different fonts on my signature line at work. Right now it's Papyrus on the emails I write from home. The body of the emails are in Parade. I love Andy, Curlz, Gigi, Veranda - the list is extensive. Phil had a nice one on the Big Screen on Sunday but I didn't know what it was.

All that to say that I will soon have a new look! I can't tell you how happy I am! I did a little happy dance when I heard..... Christy at After a Cup of Coffee....Or Two (check out those ..... will ya?! A woman after my own heart......) was gracious enough to have a little giveaway and I ran into it and signed up. What did I win? Could it be? Is is really?

A new blog design! From a real designer! That gets paid to do pretty designs for other people! WOO HOO! Jen at Blue Yonder Designs will be making a pretty for me! Cause yall know I'm tried of this old dress....

It will be showing up soon in this very spot to make me smie and preen whenever I see it....

Monday, January 07, 2008

Yes, You Are.

Abbie says cute things all the time that I promptly forget. It's the curse of the "Old Mom." But I wrote this one down.

After getting her telescope, she talked about her plans for the future. The kids and I went to the planetarium on Thomas Texan night in early December. We watched a movie about black holes - it got a little long but we all enjoyed it. Kenny has always maintained that he wants a career in the sciences. Right now, he wants to be a CSI - I'm still pushing med school as a way to pay for my old age. But Abbie wanted to be a fashion model - despite the fact that she will undoubtedly be 5 feet tall.

Now she says that she wants to work in a planetarium - like Mr. Cathey. Mr. Cathey is one of the teachers that runs the planetarium and does all the lessons with it. She was very specific that she didn't want to be an astronaut - she wants to be like Mr Cathey. "Except I'm gonna be a girl."

Overheard this morning - Abbie says, "Elvis made me a spinner!" Figure that one out.....

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Why Do These Women Always Seem To Be From Texas?

If you have a young daughter in your house or if you watch the Disney channel, you have heard of Hannah Montana. If you read my TV Blog, you know that Abbie likes to watch Hannah's TV show on Disney and I just mentioned that Abbie got Hannah's closet from Santa. She also spent some money she got for Christmas on a Hannah t-shirt (from Dillard's no less.)

I have even bought tickets to see the movie of the Hannah Montana concert because we can't go to said concert. The tickets are pre-selling at an over-riced rate right now!

We are all Hannah Montana'ed up in here! But this mama needs a reality check. What will she do to get her child a car? or the "must have" video game? or even an IPod? (you may need to re-fresh the link, I did)

Come back soon -Tammy has a great contest going on at her site and I need your vote!

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year!

I'm loving posting all the time! I'd forgotten how fun it is!

I just bought these yesterday - they feel like I'm putting on slippers....... Does that give you any idea what my New Year's Resolution is? What's yours?