Monday, January 07, 2008

Yes, You Are.

Abbie says cute things all the time that I promptly forget. It's the curse of the "Old Mom." But I wrote this one down.

After getting her telescope, she talked about her plans for the future. The kids and I went to the planetarium on Thomas Texan night in early December. We watched a movie about black holes - it got a little long but we all enjoyed it. Kenny has always maintained that he wants a career in the sciences. Right now, he wants to be a CSI - I'm still pushing med school as a way to pay for my old age. But Abbie wanted to be a fashion model - despite the fact that she will undoubtedly be 5 feet tall.

Now she says that she wants to work in a planetarium - like Mr. Cathey. Mr. Cathey is one of the teachers that runs the planetarium and does all the lessons with it. She was very specific that she didn't want to be an astronaut - she wants to be like Mr Cathey. "Except I'm gonna be a girl."

Overheard this morning - Abbie says, "Elvis made me a spinner!" Figure that one out.....


Sarah said...

Do they have a Webkinz named Elvis??? hmmmm...