Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Why Do These Women Always Seem To Be From Texas?

If you have a young daughter in your house or if you watch the Disney channel, you have heard of Hannah Montana. If you read my TV Blog, you know that Abbie likes to watch Hannah's TV show on Disney and I just mentioned that Abbie got Hannah's closet from Santa. She also spent some money she got for Christmas on a Hannah t-shirt (from Dillard's no less.)

I have even bought tickets to see the movie of the Hannah Montana concert because we can't go to said concert. The tickets are pre-selling at an over-riced rate right now!

We are all Hannah Montana'ed up in here! But this mama needs a reality check. What will she do to get her child a car? or the "must have" video game? or even an IPod? (you may need to re-fresh the link, I did)

Come back soon -Tammy has a great contest going on at her site and I need your vote!


Steve Duer said...

Loved the pictures. Sorry didn't vote however. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Trying to post more but we are in the Taxi phase of life, taking kids everywhere. Happy New Year

Donna Ware said...

I voted! Loved the picture of you and Abby. My favorite!