Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Get Out The Vote!

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Tammy is having a little contest on her blog and I want one of my readers to win! All you have to do is follow the link over to her site and vote for your favorite picture. Now, I really want you to vote for one of my family's (because they are great!) and we can win a prize, too.

Tammy is giving away a $20 gift card to Target or iTunes for the randomly selected voter and a free 16x20 to the family that recevies the most votes. We can both win!

Okay, here we go....
Follow the link to her site (or click here.)

Watch the slide show to choose your favorite picture. Or look at the gallery of pictures (we start on screen 10.) Here's the skinny on the Waldrop pictures - our numbers are waldrop075, waldrop077, waldrop110, waldrop144, waldrop217, waldrop240, and waldrop251. (All are great...)

List your favorite in the comment section or email Tammy at marcelain5@sbcglobal.net

Wait to hear if you won!

The contest ends on Friday, January 11 and one vote per household (bummer, since some of you have Internet connection in your home, at your work, on your cell, your child's cell, etc.) Is all this clear as mud? You may ask me questions in my email if you have any. waldrops@suddenlink.net

Go Vote! It's your bloggy duty!


Tammy M. said...

Hey Denise -
Thanks for the link luv!

Christy said...

You won a free blog design! I think you won Blue Yonder, but check my blog to be sure :) Then contact her and get started!

Congrats :)