Friday, January 18, 2008

More 4th Grade Fun

Oh, the Fourth Grade..... Kenny's friend came over and rang our doorbell yesterday. Now, yall, he rings the doorbell about every other day and Kenny usually turns him down to play. But yesterday - when it was almost time for supper (can it be supper at 5:30?) - he yelled something and went outside. I looked for him and they were sitting in the gutter in front of our house playing/talking/shooting the breeze/whatever.

When Kenny came in I asked him what they were doing and he told me they were playing "spinners." Now, all I've heard at my house about playing - is playing on the Wii - what the heck are spinners? And since when do we have one?

They are folded pieces of paper that 4th grade boys play with. Kenny's is colored very nicely and can spin. Now Kenny tells me that some boys play "for keeps," but Kenny doesn't do that. His friend down the street does play for keeps and he has over 50.

Well, bully for him. My obvious question is "How many has his mother already snuck into the trash?"

Edited to add: I actually wrote this in October and I thought I had posted it - apparently not. This may actually explain Abbie's comment on this post.