Friday, March 23, 2007

Proud Mama

Kenny is a winner! He participated in an Arts contest at school and won in the Visual Arts category for 3rd - 5th grades. Here he is describing his picture of a knight fighting a dragon. Honestly, to me, it looked like any number of drawings he does all the time. You could see something similar after Sunday worship services on any given Sunday. But the judges saw something that they liked. I say bully for Kenny!
Just so Tammy knows: I had the hardest time getting him to wear that outfit. And, heaven forbid, he had to take a bath before we went to the awards ceremony. What he didn't realize is that I gave in on not tucking in the shirt and wearing khakis!
Kenny also was given the part of one of the dancers in his upcoming 3rd grade show. He had mentioned that he wanted to do it and he was so proud when he was chosen. He explained to me that he will be dancing with a girl and none of the other boys wanted to do it. So, he volunteered. He told me that his music teacher said, "I already had you down, Kenny." In a very weary voice. Apparently she knew who would be willing to showboat.
Jim and I were less than excited to hear that none of the girls wanted to dance with him. Now we understand that 3rd graders have boy/girl issues but Kenny told us that the little girl who ended up dancing with him that day (I don't know about the show) was paid one dollar. Good grief, how much will a prom cost us?!


Tammy M. said...

The first thing I noticed was his untucked shirt. Coming from a mother who never tucks in her boys shirts, to a mother who has Southern Tradition written all over her, I say Bully for Denise!

Sarah said...
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Lisa said...

Hooray for Kenny!

And I'm currently financing a venture to prom. It's not a cheap thing to do.

I'll let you know when there are pictures. :-)