Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Who Ya Gonna Choose?

I found this website though Mark Elrod (at Harding) and thought it was cool. It is supposed to show you who would most likely vote for. Thank goodness, Hilary was down on my list!

It is apparent that I vote personalities. I don't much like Giuliani and wouldn't vote him. I'm pretty sure we don't need our president going though a divorce while in office. I would chose almost anybody over Hilary. But, you know, I'm part of the "right-wing conspiracy." I didn't vote for Bill way back in the 80's in Arkansas either. I was working for "the Man" even then.

Check it out - it's only 20 months until you have to vote!


Sarah said...

Haven't clicked over yet -- is Fred Thompson on that list? 'Cause I LOVE HIM!! He's WAY too straight-as-an-arrow right wing to ever get the republican nomination, but he's got my vote (I'm not sure he has announced yet that he'll run).

Christy said...

According to this, I'm voting for Duncan Hunter. Barak Obama came in last on my list. Makes me laugh!

Tammy M. said...

Mine was John McCain. He was my favorite so it proved true.

Melene said...

John McCain was #1 on mine. I haven't narrowed it down completely yet, but it was the right party!