Friday, March 09, 2007


The conventional wisdom is that people post on their blogs during the week. They are slackers at their desks and trying to stay awake. I, on the other hand, like to post on the weekends. I seem to have more time. I have been checking my email and I've gotten to some of the sweet people who have stopped by my party but that's all I've done this week. You should have seen my Bloglines!

So don't give up on me during the week - come back on Friday or Saturday. I'm here.

Yesterday, at school, could only be described, as the worst day ever! I skipped the jalapenos and went right to the french fries. I came home, napped, took a bath and then I was able to talk to Jim about it. As I told him - no, I wasn't fired and, no, no one cussed me out - it was just overwhelming. He took me out to Red Robin (I sing it whenever I say it - so do my children) and, of course, they have bottomless french fries. I did not succumb to the shake though - bully for me!
Well, it's on to Spring Break. If any child needs a sp*nking, I can and will administer it! Dadgum it! I feel better just putting that into words. (Yes, we live in a world that requires I use an asterisk in that word so I won't get freaks on my blog.)
Lastly, under the category of stuff I've been thinking about - something I saw on Oprah awhile back. The guest (I don't remember) asked everyone to come up with 5 words that describe your marriage. I took on the challenge. It was hard to come up with 5 words - really. How to describe something that has become my life? I think about it whenever I hear those commericals for that "let's find the love of our life" site.
My first word was loving. We both used that word rather quickly - I figure we've said it before. Doesn't that just about cover it? Isn't that what we all want?
What are your five words?
Disclaimer: I realize I have unmarried readers. This small portion was not intended to make you feel uncomfortable. I love you all, too. I would hope that God leads you to the mate that may make you feel loved. If that is not in God's plan (it may not be,) I pray for you to find that feeling in God Himself and - just know - that puts you ahead of some of us. LOVE YOU!


holly said...

Girl! After yesterday we deserve two weeks of spring break!

Sarah said...

1. rescued
2. blessed
3. can I say 'passionate' -- 'cause I mean it in so many more ways than it will be interpreted
4. comfortable
5. sanctified (they all are, so that's kind of cheating)

Roxanne said...

1. Safety
2. Love
3. Acceptance
4. Solid
5. Joyful

But I have about a million more words to throw on the list. . .

Anonymous said...

I have no idea on the 5 words..that would require me to think..and I'm too tired for that right now. haha

Sorry you had such a bad day yesterday...if it helps..I didn't notice you were having such a bad day! I was worn out after yesterday too..just time for a little break....glad to be off for a week to say the least.

Melene said...

Thank Goodness for Spring Break. I love Red Robin's fries, too.....
I'll have to give the 5 words some thought and get back to you.
Enjoy your down time next week. Hope it doesn't go by too fast!

judy said...