Saturday, March 17, 2007

Report From the Front

Well, here it is the end of Spring Break. Finally. Today I started to think about how summer would be - taking kids somewhere, washing some kid's clothing, making sure some kid has food to eat.... But tonight they are watching a movie, Yeah!

On Wednesday, Jim and I took the kids to the children's museum in Fort Worth. Approximately half the population of Ft. Worth had the same idea, imagine. The museum was okay. It was too crowded for my taste. Let's face it - I've become a small-town gal. Kenny and Abbie were a little crowded, too, or maybe they were responding to me. In one of the exhibits, I had to leave.

Surely there some kind of fire code about too many people in one little space? Right?

The IMAX was pretty good. We saw some cave movie and Abbie fell asleep. Let me just state for the record that Abbie has fallen asleep in every IMAX movie she's ever seen! Oh yeah, the IMAX was sold out. "Could you move to down so the people who come in late can sit on the end?" Sure. Just because my family and I stood in line....

But I want to tell you about the good thing we saw. The National Cowgirl Museum. It was great! It's right across the street and the price is included in the other one's price. We went there after suffering though the Museum of Science and History and it was so worth it. I would have gone there first if I had had any idea how wonderful it was. Good exhibits for us and the kids. The building is beautiful. Even the gift store was inviting. Go there.

I'm working on posting some pictures but I haven't quite finished. Check back later.

One more great thing about this trip. I can now drive myself to Hulen Mall, one terrific fabric store, a SuperTarget, TJ Maxx, and Pei Wei. That made it all worthwhile.


Sarah said...

We saw a FANTABULOUS broadway production of "The Lion King" today, but only after I almost ran screaming from the lobby when I was in a mosh-pit of theater-goers. I wondered then if it was my height that made me freak out -- all I can see are shoulders and backs, no landmarks, no heads or faces -- but it may be me being a small town gal, as well.