Friday, March 02, 2007

Ditto's Ditherings

I'm so glad that yesterday is over! I worked at school and then worked at Dittos for Kiddos - I came home about 11:30. I also got to go to Wal-Mart after picking Kenny up at school. Happy, happy, joy, joy.

Last night at Dittos, I was wishing for my camera. I realize that I'm not supposed to post pictures of folks without asking, but I saw some funny stuff! My favorite was the lady with her shopping buggy and the 16x20 picture of a giraffe perched on top. Apparently somebody really wanted that picture!

A lady bought a large, outside dollhouse (that I thought was overpriced by my friend.) When she came to the back door to pick it up, I admit I was curious.

Me: "So, you already have a bunch of play furniture to go in it?"
Buyer: "No, I have 3 boys."
Me: "They are gonna be super-excited to get a 3-foot-tall faded pink dollhouse. They are gonna wanna know why you didn't buy them all a new dress. Either that or they are all gay and you're okay with that." (Maybe I just thought this to myself." "3 boys?"
Buyer: "It's for our church."
Me: "Thanks for shopping with us (big smile.)"

At 9:00 the sale becomes open to the public and, bless em, all these kooks (read about later) come in with their children. I'm just glad I didn't have to teach all those kids who were in line when I left at 11:00. Why do parents do this their children? There were also, bless em, all these couples with the little pregnant wife trying to find a deal. I really wished I had given one of these people my guest pass - then they could have come in at 7:00.

Lastly were the couples who strolled in at 10:00, 10:30, like it was a date. "Babe, let's go over to this sale and see what they have!" He says, "Sure." But he's thinking, "What do I get outta this?" Are you single? Are you dating? No man enjoys going to a consignment sale for fun! This is true. No matter what they tell you - they don't enjoy it.


Anonymous said...

I got SO much good stuff for Cameron this sale. I lucked out. I think next sale I will work...I've got it in my blood now. I WILL get there first. hahahahaha

jessica said...

I love to people watch at dittos... some of those women are on a mission, and you better not get in their way. I'm not one of those people... if I get a deal, I get a deal, not worth stressing!

Toni said...

Hilarious conversation at Dittos for Kiddos (what the heck is that, btw?). Just party hopping. Try to stop by my place if you can.