Friday, January 27, 2006

Name Change?

Kenny is fascinated with Chinese culture. I don't know why - maybe God's preparing us for something in his future? For those of you don't know, Sunday is Chinese New Year and Kenny's class just completed a unit on Chinese culture. They had eggrolls and fortune cookies for snack today and watched Mulan. (I'm sure there was some math in there)

Funny thing is they talked about the Chinese zodiac and Kenny brought home a zodiac paper. Not the usual one at every Chinese restaurant but a little different. I am a Tiger, of course. Today's paper said that "other people respect Tiger people for their deep thoughts and courageous actions." Perhaps I should change the blog name?


Sarah said...

On the usual ones from the restaurants, I think I am a rat. I try to ignore those things. Where is the part about you being the caffeine?