Monday, September 25, 2006

Payback is H*ll

I cannot pass this by without a comment! My sweet husband has pulled a groin thingie and is on bedrest. That's not the funny part. One friend said that finally a husband has some issues with HIS private parts since it seems that all the mommies have had problems previously. That's not the funny part. Today dear hubby had to have a sonagram. It was done by a woman. Just think of it as payback for every OB/GYN that said "Scoot down a little bit more."

This post was approved by my dear hubby.
Edited to add: The sonagram showed they are HUGE and made of BRASS! And that he should be up and around soon.


Anonymous said...

I can definately live w/out hearing "scoot down a little more". I hate that. As if it's not already bad enough that you are there in the first place, then they make you scoot down. Eww. So yeah....nice payback. How exactly did he pull it? I might need this info. to try getting my husband to do the same thing. =) Shhhh...I didn't say that.

Sarah said...

I bet anna's comment wasn't approved by HER hubby! :-) Tell Jim Troy is continuing to have sympathy -- bless, bless, bless him!

Steve Duer said...

I had my stirrup experience when I joined the "V" club for men.

Except most of my post pain was in my hip. The nurse propped her elbow on my knee during the whole proceedure and basically was stretching my hip flexor the whole time. I think she did it on purpose.

Hang in there Jim!