Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Tag Me, Baby

Well, I've been tagged! Just one more glimpse into my extra-exciting life! Holly, has tagged me to find tha nearest book, turn to page 123, go down 5 lines and write the next 3 sentences. After following those very specific directions, list the title and author. You all know I write at our desk. It has no books just lots of bills that never seem to be filed (not my job, mon.) I did find one located on the file cabinet NEXT to the desk (note the irony.)

"I wasn't trying to nail him," Chee said. "I was looking for information."

"And you tried to trick me?"

Sacred Clowns by Tony Hillerman

Excellent murder mysteries written by Hillerman - set in the Four Corners region on an Indian Reservation. I've read several and always enjoyed them.

I'll try to write about my week tomorrow. We had out first day at school and it went.