Friday, September 22, 2006

Best Week Ever

Whew, it's finally Friday! I have lived though the Best Week Ever! I must say that ACU Lectureship was great. Being on the program was great but so was the whole experience. The weather was fantastic and all the people working with the program were so helpful. Tuesday was the best banter day we had. It flowed and rocked at the same time - Donna and I flowed and rocked, too. Tammy hit a home run on Wednesday - there were fewer tears shed than last time. All in all EVERYBODY should hire us for their next Ladies Retreat - we are good! Tammy has already suggested that when we speak at next year's Lectureship (of course they'll want us back!) it will be on "Loving Our Husbands." I'll be doing the portion for people who are grown and hubandless - it will be on living God's plan. It seems to be my recurring theme.

Teaser: So many women are unsure what their guy wants or how to make themselves happy. So many women talk about thier husbands like he's an idiot! How can we make our marriages something God intended? Let's learn from over 70 years of marriage what works for these ladies.

Would you come?

See some pictures on Sarah's blog....

Abbie's ready for dorm life. She's missing MawMaw and PawPaw and wishing they were here. She said she'd be happy if ALL our family lived in an apartment together. She mentioned Aunt Margaret and Sadie (MiMi's dog) and then all our friends! She's a social butterfly like her Mommy.


Anonymous said...

I would definately come! Sounds great!