Friday, September 08, 2006

Top Ten Things I Said This Week That I Haven't Said In 3 Months

  1. We don't hit our friends.
  2. That's having good behavior. I like your good behavior.
  3. That's being a helper. Thank you for being a helper.
  4. Look at _________, he/she is sitting on his/her chair!
  5. Ring around the rosie.....
  6. We don't push our friends. (Favorite response: "I'm sorry I did that. I won't do that again." - just turned 2!)
  7. We share.
  8. Let's take turns.
  9. Let's use our spoon to eat our yogurt. (Seems like I have to remind my kids to use utensils sometimes, too.)
  10. Somebody needs diaper change!


Tia said...

AMEN! One week down, too many to go!

holly said...

You forgot lay down and go to sleep!