Monday, May 15, 2006

Laugh And The World Laughs With You

These funny stories must be told:

Our preschool director is Mrs. Becky. Mrs. Becky is wonderful! She loves the kids and she loves the teachers. She genuinely desires the best in ALL of us. She used all the money she made at her position (and more I'm sure) on all of us. I have never worked for a better boss - and we know I've had quite a few. She probably weighs 115 soaking wet.

On the last day of school (Thursday) in Abbie's class, they had a SpongeBob Squarepants pinata. I can truthfully say that I would LOVE to smack SpongeBob. That show gets on my nerves so badly! Did you know they have only made about 90 episodes!? How many times can my children watch the same thing!? I digress. All the kids in the 3s class had taken turns hitting it and it still wasn't busted. Abbie told me that Mrs. Becky came in and "whacked the heck out of it with a chair." I don't know where she got such colorful language but the image of Becky "whacking" that pinata with a chair makes me laugh.


Again on the last day of school.... At about 8:00 at night, Abbie says to me "Mommy you forgot to put on my panties this morning." This was told in laughing voice like it was too funny! I said "You didn't have any panties on today???!!!" and then I checked. Nope, no panties. She told me that I had forgotten to put them on her that her morning. To set the record straight - SHE took them off when she used the bathroom that morning and didn't put them back on.

Jim said "Tell me she has on shorts under that." It was a skort. Criss-Cross Applesauce everybody!


Tammy M. said...

Too funny.

Sarah said...

One time leaving pre-school as I buckled Riley into his car seat his shorts were gapping open and I could see ALL of his glory! No undies. "Riley, did you not have undies on today?" "Nope." I don't remember why, now, (is there really a good reason?) but I just remember being SURE his teachers saw way more of him than he wanted.

jessica said...

I forgot to put Megan's panties on when she was about two... and all dressed up in her Sunday best. When we started to get out of the car I realized it. We loaded back up and headed to the house. Robert of course shared with everyone around us... so when Meg and I walked in late there were many snickers.

Anne Jones said...

I have had 'the dream' many know-the one where you make it out of the house in the morning only to find yourself at work/school without undergarments! AHH! It is sort of a subconcious concern I guess, but now I can add not only getting myself out the door fully dressed, but the responsibility of also getting 2 children FULLY dressed! Lots of responsibility :)

Steve Duer said...

That is funny. That comment falls under the category Shannon identifies as cute at 6 (or younger in Abby's case), not at 16. James had one the other night that I just blogged about.

Anonymous said...

I had that happen once with Cameron..she was about 3 I guess. Laid down beside me at church & put her head in daddy's lap, I looked over & got the worst possible view of her I've ever had. haha Talk about embarrased...because I know everyone around got that same lovely view. Way to go mommy...I don't even know what my excuse was for the missing panties. =)

Roxanne said...

Okay--we've had the panty/undie situation as well. . .but I have to comment on Ms. Becky. . .don't even know the woman--but anyone that tiny hoisting a chair to "beat the heck" out of ANY pinata is just funny. . .I don't care if you know 'em or not.

And I, too, left your blog amused. :)