Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Weddings and More

Well, I saw the X-Men yesterday after I posted the blogthing. I frequently have as much trouble as Jean controlling my emotions. I haven't blown anyone up yet but ya never know..... Tammy and Rob told us to stay past the credits - too cool! I loved knowing something that not everybody knew. (That's the theory behind the DaVinci Code, too.) It was like WE were the coolest people, yeah.

Bottom line - loved the movie. I'll buy it on DVD and watch it again.

I worked a wedding this weekend. All I can say is - it was TOO HOT! The air conditioner wasn't (isn't) working in the auditorium and everyone mentioned it to me. Mom, Dad, Grandma, Cousin Bob, one of our members that attended. I nodded and said "Yes, it's hot. I'm sorry." I was ready for it to be my last wedding. I tried to be Jean Grey and think in some cool air but it didn't work - imagine that. Then they left without cleaning. We have a policy that anyone with an outside reception must clean up before they leave for the reception. Apparently this didn't apply to these people. The janitor wasn't there yet and I was by myself. A little aggravated and scared. My sweet husband and kids came to help me. Kenny thought I'd seen the "ghost." He claims to have seen a ghost in the children's wing.
We cleaned up the baptistery wall (lots of candle wax) and the janitor was there by then to clean up the carpet. Yes, candle wax all over our new black carpet. That's my job, folks. To make sure these happy families don't ruin our facility. No, it's not holy - just all we got! I'm off for 2 weeks.
One tatoo on a pregnant lady - the top of her foot.
Lastly (or finally,) how about some reading material for the summer? Karene wanted something and it got me thinking. I'm going to read one classic and one non-fiction this summer. Suggestions? I like fiction that doesn't make me think too much so I'm looking for a little more depth. Non-fiction is always a struggle for me, too. Come up with some ideas and I'll post my choices. Maybe you can join me?


Tammy M. said...

I have noticed at several weddings where the candles are not the dripless sort, that the church requires a large square of plastic under the candle abre to catch the wax drops. We need that rule! If they put down a large black plastic sheet, maybe from a large trashbag noone would have to scrape wax up, and the black wouldn't show up on the charcoal as much.

Denise W. said...

I can't wait to tell the first bride that she has to put down a black plastic sheet - that would be priceless!

I did tell the next one she had to have any candles IN something. I'll become the candle Nazi!

holly said...

Do you get to keep their cleaning deposit since you did their cleaning. (Could be a little extra cash there for you)

jessica said...

We are going to see X-men this week... Tammy said we have to... does something cool happen after the credits?

So what's up with the Da Vinci comment... I'm lost.

Karene said...

Ice Bound By Jerri Nielsen and Into Thin Air by John Krakauer are both good non-fiction books. Also Between a Rock and a Hard Place is also supposed to be good book.

soul and culture said...

If I were going to read one classic it would be To Kill a Mockingbird for the thousandth time, my hands down fave.

One that will someday be a classic is Gilead, by Marilynne Robinson.

Another fiction work, albeit not a classic, would be The Namesake by Jhumpa Lahari. Probably my favorite book club read of 2005.

Non-fiction. Do you want something in the memoir genre? Something funny? Something Christian?

Denise W. said...

I don't know about the non-fiction. Someone else suggested a memoir - any good ones? I was also thinking Anne Lamont or Lauren Winners (sp?)

Thanks for the suggestions - keep em coming....

Holly, the church will get the deposit. I get to be more dilligent next time....