Tuesday, May 23, 2006

My Little Town

You know I love my "shows" but I haven't been big with American Idol in a few years. I was all for Kelly, then Reuben and Clay, then I stopped. Too much time to invest into one TV show. My kids and I love to watch the beginning when all the horrible people sing (Jim is usually still working nights.) Tonight I will watch and vote for Taylor Hicks. Birmingham is bringing it! Reuben is from my side of town, Bo Bice lived in the small suburb that Jim and I lived in, and Taylor is from the place I always shopped! Ah, to be so close to celebrity. I thought this was funny in the Birmingham News.

Top Ten reasons why Taylor Hicks should win "American Idol":
1. Song choices approved by Bruce Springsteen and reps for George Harrison. How cool is that?
2. Compare their dance moves. No contest.
3. Because he'd never, ever smile nonstop while singing "I Ain't Got Nothin' But the Blues."
4. If Elvis had a little brother, he'd look like Taylor.
5. "Saturday Night Live" doesn't spoof just anyone.
6. Because a soul man trumps an ice princess every time.
7. Gray is the new blond.
8. Taylor didn't wear Paula's tacky new jewelry line on camera.
9. With Soul Patrol, we're talkin'¤'bout a revolution. McPheever sounds like a sickness.
10. So Katharine's dad will really have a reason to cry.

Top 10 reasons why Katharine McPhee should win "American Idol":
1. Kat had her "moment" when she sang "Somewhere Over the Rainbow," and even Cowell dropped his scowl. Has Taylor had his "moment"?
2. Kat can navigate a car through the nation's busiest freeway interchange - the 101/405 in Sherman Oaks, the real "Malfunction Junction" - while talking on her cell phone, sipping a latte and doing her nails. Beat that, Taylor.
3. It's in the genes - Kat's mom is a vocal coach and dad is a TV producer.
4. More women have become "Idol" winners than men.
5. Better hair. That gray's gotta go.
6. "McPhee" sounds cooler than "Hicks."
7. Kat doesn't dance like she's being manipulated from above by strings.
8. Jerry Mathers, "The Beaver" in "Leave it to Beaver," went to Notre Dame High School in Sherman Oaks, where Kat graduated.
9. Kat can sign autographs with both her right and left hands.
10. Kat knows how to make friends. In the final cut-down show for "Idol's" Top 24, she was so excited she kissed all three judges on the lips. Your turn, Taylor.

Last night was the finale for 24 - one of the other shows you aren't watching. It was GREAT! It makes you feel safer just knowing that Jack Bauer and Aaron (the Secret Service guy) are on the job. Wait - that's not real, you say?! Jack really isn't on a slow boat to China?! Man, I gotta get out more....
Lastly, I've been trying to post my picture on the blog and I'm not having much luck. Apparently I have the wrong kind of file? jpg? Can I switch it to whatever? Help me....


jessica said...

I tried the posting of the pick thing... says wrong file for me too. I switched it to a gif picture and it still wouldn't work.. had some other excuse. I sent an email to blogger support but have no response past the automated one. I'll let you know!

My girls want Kat... I kindof think it is time for a guy to win. This morning on GMA they showed that 2 out of the 4 runner ups have made it... so there is hope for the loser!

Tammy M. said...

I am voting for Taylor, when I say I am voting, that does not actually mean I am going to vote, but I hope he wins. He has a ton of personality that seems quite authentic compared to his competition mate. Go Taylor.
Good luck with the picture thing, I think it took me 20 hours to figure it out and I don't remember one thing about the process, I was way confused the whole time. Too bad they don't have a service where you can pay someone $5 to post your picture for you, I would have happily paid.
By the way I have pled for blogger to help me with issues along the way and have never received anything but the initial email, I think Sarah has had the same "excellent" customer service. Good luck.

Anthony Parker said...

I actually watched last week's American Idol for the first time here in Singapore. It was fun seeing an Alabama boy who's done good.

If I remember right, I had to post my picture on another server and then provide the link to it. You might try something like opening a photo album account (I set up a Flikr account, www.flikr.com, but seldom use it), post your picture there; then right click on it and "Copy link," then paste that link into the blogger slot. Worth a try.

Anonymous said...

Yep..I'm for Taylor. I don't even know why really. I like them both. He's just different I guess. I actually kinda like the grey hair. It works for him. He just seems real to me..not trying to be somebody he's not. I really think he'll win it. We'll see tomorrow!! I've kept up w/ American Idol since season one & have no intentions to stop! =) I love it! I like your top 10 lists...I never blog anything that funny & that well put together. I type mine in about 2 minutes tops. haha

Denise W. said...

Hey now! I didn't write that! That was written and published in the Bham News! I'm good but not that good!

Anonymous said...

ohh I thought YOU wrote it & I was IMPRESSED! haha