Saturday, May 20, 2006

Easy Rider

There's a Harley Davidson motorcycle rally here this weekend. They're meeting over at the Expo Center which is just across the road from us. Jim and I saw lots of "bikes" when we went out last night. Harleys are just the coolest. All that chrome and leather with studs - LOVE IT! (I hear a Harley rumble now.) Styx is gonna be in concert for the rally tonight, too. (Come Sail Away) I realize I married a man who would rather have a horse, but I still think they are the coolest.

Sayid on a Harley - that's COOL!


Tammy M. said...

I have seen some of the coolest painted Harley's. When we were having coffee group at Starbuck's I counted 3 harley's in the parking lot, and awesome paint jobs. How fun is this.

Sarah said...

Loving the Harleys, too -- except for the part where I have to wipe the drool from Troy's mouth. Bless him. But we have also met some really nice Harley riders. So fun!

Anonymous said... dad is right in the middle of all of that this weekend. He has had a Harley for several years, it's his "toy". haha I didn't know you were a Harley fan Denise!! You'd be impressed with Kirk & I's wedding video. We rode off from Chapel on the Hill on my dads bike!! It was way cool. I of course had to change into my dad's leather Harley jacket & some jeans, but I left my veil on!! I'll have to show you pics sometime in our album. Pretty cool!

jessica said...

My parents tried the Harley thing... it made my dad's back hurt. They BOTH have some other type of motorcycle now. So, Denise, if he doesn't want one... just get one for yourself! My mom loves dressing up in her leathers and going for a ride.

Steph said...

At Rosa's on Sat. we saw a Harley rider with a dog as his co-rider. Really. The little dog sat right up on the seat behind the driver. He did have a leash on but I am not sure how helpful that would be if he actually fell off! That's some dog!