Saturday, May 06, 2006

From Kenny

Finally, I'm on the computer! I was able to find my way here without any help from my mom! She's always doing something else! Don't let the smile fool you - my parents ignore and mistreat me! I'm letting the whole world know now!

They used to let me have donuts on Saturday -not now. All I ever get is Pop-Tarts. This is supposed to make me happy?! I asked if one of them would make me (and Abbie) pancakes - of course not! Abbie got to eat pancakes on her trip with Mimi and Pop. I'm sure later when I ask to go somewhere, they'll say "no" or "no today." Why not!!?? Oh, I'm not supposed to ask that. Or they'll say something about "we don't have the money today." Yada, yada, yada.

Sometimes Daddy says to Mommy "your son." What exactly does that mean, anyway? Somebody help me. Someone bring me donuts!!


Sarah said...

Kenny, I am calling the authorities to let them know you have been deprived of donuts! That is definitely a case of neglect!

Tammy M. said...

If Jack knew your plight he would be on a donut mission right away. Don't be surprised to find donuts on your doorstep from Jack some point in the future.

Anne Jones said...

I think you should definitely scream louder and longer! :) Maybe they will just get tired and give in for the donuts! If it works, be sure you save a donut for me!

Oh, and don't tell Mom and Dad that I gave you this idea!

Steve Duer said...


Inform you dad that Grace & James's dad often makes Chocolate Chip Pancakes for breakfast on Sunday mornings. Even Ms. Shannon enjoys those.