Sunday, June 03, 2007

Blogs And More Blogs

For some reason - I have alot to write these days.... There are two articles in my draft folder right now. How does that work? Nothing for days, then, bam, something every day! Glad to be here for ya....

Phil has started a new blog. I know, I know, another blog?! Who has time to read what you already read?! Well, it's the Bible, yall. Psalms. There will be a Psalm a day for the next few months. Phil is also writing a short commentary to accompany each one. Even if you don't want to read what Phil has to say - you can read God's Word. Pop over and add it to your Bloglines. I'll also put a link in my sidebar so you may access it from here.

While we are talking blogs...... I am still writing on my TV blog. (It not the Bible, I know) If you are interested, you really should add it to your Bloglines so you're not checking it every day. Or check it every day - it looks good on my Sitemeter. It is also listed in my sidebar.

Lastly, don't you love this weather we're having?! I open my back door every morning so I can hear the birds and smell the morning air. I close it every afternoon when I hear the A/C kick on. We've been at the pool and played and talked with our friends. Both kids got sunburned and the mommies have planned to include the daddies by coming at night more often. I remember going to the lake and jumping off Daddy's shoulders - my kids need that kind of memory, too. Nothing better than Fun Dad.


soul and culture said...

I am late, but I finally added Bloglines not long ago. And Sitemeter, so I can know when all three people read my blog.