Saturday, June 30, 2007

A Question For The Weekend

One of the days we were gone, I had to do without coffee. It was the day we left and it seemed silly to make a pot for just one cup. By the time I got coffee (about 2 hours later) I was headachey and (extremely) grouchy. Coffee - got have it! What about you?

What do you have to have to make it though the day?


soul and culture said...

Gotta have my coffee. Favorite? O'Henry's Southern Pecan Creme from Homewood, AL.

Sarah said...

Why, thank you for asking!

christycate said...

A conversation with God and my mom.

Lisa said...

I do much better with caffeine, but I migrate between coffee and the carbonated cold stuff, depending on the weather.

I've also recently rediscovered my love of starting my day with a Beth Moore study. That's definitely a MUST HAVE.

Anthony Parker said...

I'm way behind on my blog reading. How's your dad doing?

On the coffee thing, Maureen and I were at a retreat last week and breakfast wasn't until 8:30 a.m. We were supposed to be able to sleep in. But my question, and that of several others, was, "Will there be coffee any earlier?" Fortunately, there was.