Monday, June 25, 2007

We're Back......

Finally, home again. Yes, we were gone on vacation. Yes, we went with Mimi and Pop. Yes, that means there were 6 of us in a mini-van for 4 days. Yes, we are happy to report no one got hurt.

We went to lovely Branson, Missouri in the Ozark Mtns and had lots of fun! Mimi and Pop have a time-share and so we stayed in a 2 bedroom condo with lots of fun activities. The kids got to go swimming (with Jim) and we all saw lots of fun stuff. All of us went to the Shanghai Circus with the Chinese acrobats and they were wonderful. Abbie got the DVD so we can watch them over and over. We also all went on the Ducks. These are WW II vehicles designed to go on land or water - we did both. It was very cool. The kids really liked it, too. They were called up to the front to drive when we were on the lake and were both given the title of "Captain."

Mimi and Pop watched the kids one night so Jim and I could go to one of the shows by ourselves and we went to see Six. Six (out of 10!) brothers who sing tight acapella and really rocked the house! We loved it so much that we bought one of their CDs - that we promptly left in Mimi's van. One of the guys was so funny and said "whatever" several times. (It was part of the show and not as lame as it sounds.) At intermission, Jim encouraged me to show him the Sarah sign for "whatever" and then he did it on stage! I busted a gut but the rest of the audience wasn't as impressed. Sarah, you're semi-famous now.

We also went to an old-time church of Christ in another small town (not to be named) - they were trying to come into the 21st century. They had the Paperless Hymnal that didn't work too well - all churches have technology problems. Since we were the only people in the building that weren't holding our hymnals - we were the only people scrambling when the Power Point decided to quit. We were searching for the page for some obscure song we barely knew. The preacher also had Power Point for his sermon but he was controlling it himself from the pulpit. That would be one way to make sure the screen was on the page you wanted.

I'm sure there's more and I know there are some pictures (including one with all the family in duck bills) and I'll posting them soon!