Wednesday, June 13, 2007


I've been thinking alot about the elitism-thing lately. I saw Dan Zanes in concert on Saturday (I'll write more) and I was sooooo put off by the "reserved seating." It was at the Historic Paramount and 5 rows in the center front were "reserved." I had waited with Abbie for 20 minutes in the 90* heat to get a good seat for this general admission concert - we had good seats on the side across from the "reserved seating." We were on the aisle - I did that purposefully, so Abbie that could see better and she was able to get up and dance. So I'm not complaining about my seats - they were good!

But what about the other folks that sat in the back, under the balcony - were theirs as good? What about up in the top of the balcony? Did anyone fall going up or down (inside joke for Sarah, I couldn't resist.) The reserved section was policed, if you will, by two ladies in their Junior League t-shirts. They stood next to the area (on either side) to keep out the great unwashed and allow those lucky people who had a special pass to sit there. About 2 minutes before the concert started, they were approached by the executive director of the Grace Museum and asked to open up the last 2 rows. By then everyone was seated and the rows remained empty throughout the concert.

It really bothered me. I checked and the Junior League weren't listed as sponsors (they frequently are and usually have good seats reserved at children's events.) I thought about Jesus and his response, I thought about how it would look for my home church, my kids - this is a small town, yall. Anything I say or write (this or a letter to the editor of the paper) will be there forever! And it will be remembered..... Some of these ladies go to my church, some of their kids go to our school - they aren't bad necessarily bad people.

Then I see an another news story about Paris Hilton - is she getting special treatment because of her name and wealth? Of course she is. Just by virtue of who she is - she has special treatment. She can call Barbara Walters, collect - is anybody else in the LA County jail doing that? Her parents go to the front of the line when they visit her - no waiting in line for them.

My conclusion (on Saturday anyway) was that I couldn't be prejudice against anyone based on their t-shirt. Or what club they are in. This is what it boils down to - prejudice. Some people earn their snob title - Paris or the Junior Leaguer who shows her stripes - but they can't all be lumped into One Big Snob because of their club membership. Or what school their children attend. Right?


Anne Jones said...

I hope to never bear the title snob. Lord, help me never discriminate or be snobby! And help me to teach my children your ways. Remind me constantly that I am a representative of YOU! Amen.

And I love your new spelling for reserved..."resevered"...

Denise W said...

Rats! I knew I had spelled that wrong!

Sarah said...

Yes, Anne, severing once wasn't enough, so we had to resevere!

I would LOVE to look at the souls of each of the people I meet, and I do pray to love them as Jesus does, but as a human I form an image of a person. I try to put all of those things together as puzzle pieces -- the groups they are affiliated with, the area they live in, their occupation, the words they use, their actions, the way they treat their spouse/children/ friends -- all pile together to give me the best picture I can get of a person without a questionaire or in-depth study of the person.

I'm affiliated with SEVERAL places -- and I include my church in this -- that could have other people view me as an elitist and my occupation tells people that I will be rude in public speaking situations. I pray that people extend grace before judging me so I try to do that first!

Anonymous said...

The Reserved section to which you referred was for sponsors of the Kid Fest. Each person/business who paid $250 to help sponsor the event was given four tickets. This allowed for the two performances of the stars, the Baby Signs and the concert at the Paramount as well as free admission to the museum, rental of the Paramount, technical costs of the concert and the other events of the day. If you had paid for admission to the Grace ($8 for you and your child), admission to the concert (let us estimate it at $7 a piece, so $14) and maybe particpated in the booths inside and out downtown at another carnival ($1 for each event, maybe $3)then waiting twenty minutes for free just does not seem like much expense on your part.

If you have ever played at Frontier Texas, gone to the West Texas Rehab Center, done art at the NCCIL, had your child learn a nutrition lesson at school, had a child in Hendrick and your child played in the playroom, seen a Young Audience Performance, etc. you can thank a Junior League member who helps raise about $100,000 annually for the Abilene Community a year and each member puts in a minimun of 40 volunteer hours a year! I am not being judgemental of you, but maybe you should visit our website at

Denise W said...

Dear Anonymous,

I did try to find the webpage for the Abilene Junior League but it didn't come up on my Google search. Of course I had planned to make a link - like I always do. Your info is most welcome.

I wanted to convey on my post that MY pre-judging of anyone in a certain club was not the Jesus way. We would all like to see into someone's heart to know their true intentions. But we can't so we go on what we see (or read) and sometimes that just isn't enough.

I see us all on a journey that leads to being the kind of people that God has called us to be. I see myself as the last one in the line huffing and puffing to keep up - and constantly sitting down to catch my breath. Trying to carry around all the baggage that Jesus keeps telling me to "lay down already!" That's what I like to write about on my blog - my own shortcomings. I like the funny stuff about my kids, too, but I hope that we all grow when I (or anyone else) open up and show my (or their) weaknesses.

Donna Ware said...

I got your message. I knew you were writing that we shouldn't be prejudiced against anyone by the status, clothes, clubs, religion, anything. I guess anonymous didn't read your whole entry. She seemed a little defensive.

I love that you tell things like you feel them. Don't change. We love that about you! Remember you are the one that brings joy to all!