Friday, August 11, 2006

You Make Me Wanna Shout

I feel like I need a shout-out to my sister-in-law, Ann. For years she has sent us some of the funniest stuff out there in www. land and she is sending me all my good stuff. She has one of those jobs that keep her at a desk all day and she gets the great jokes and downloads.

So, thanks Annie and keep 'em coming!

We went to the Frontier Texas yesterday and the kids really loved it. I've promised all summer that we would go in August - so we went. This is the coolest museum and everyone who lives here should go. It made me proud to be a Texan (by marriage and residentency.)


Sarah said...

Just to make you laugh: It's 'residency'. And I am SO thankful yours is in my little corner of Texas! And I love ya more than my luggage! :-)

Dee O'Neil Andrews said...


Tom and I went last summer (July 2005), and took my mom, and thought it was absolutely WONDERFUL! It took a few shots of our digital camera, but Tom finally figured out how to take digital photos of all the holograms, which are outstanding, as are the bronze scultptures in the entry area and outside in the courtyards that are settings for native grasses and plants of all kinds.

We all thought Frontier Texas was outstanding and one of the best features Abilene has to offer, and there are many if one will but seek them out.

I rarely say this (admit this), but I was not actually (much to my dismay) not born in Texas and have not lived many years of my life there, although both my parents grew up in West Texas and most of my family (well, ALL of my family) live there, including one of my 3 children (2 of whom were born in Texas, with the 3 being "The Virginian" - anyone old enough to remember THAT TV series?).

Tom and I were just out in Abilene a couple of weeks ago (he came to get me after I'd been visiting my mom and sister for several days) and I was astonished that this Biloxi raised boy would even consider coming to West Texas, much less ever telling me that - hey - maybe we ought to one of these days move to Abilene to live!

All of you who live there have a lot to be proud of, I'm telling you. I was amazed at how much cheaper groceries are there, that there is no state and county tax on groceries, not state tax, period, and all in all an economical, "Christian" city in which to live.

Where we are now is a good place to live and we've enjoyed being here since moving back up here about 3 months ago, but Abilene has a whole lot to offer, as well, so all of you who live there need to take stock and be happy you live there in such a GOOD atmosphere. Believe me, there are places around this country which are much more places to live in.