Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Reading is Fundamental - Part Cinco

In some ways short term memory loss is a good thing. When Jim does something annoying, I usually forget it. Kenny missed out on an antibiotics shot because I swore last time, he'd have one this time! When you (whoever YOU are) does something hurtful to me, I usually forget it.

Aside: This does not apply to my children. I. Will. Remember. and I will hate you/pray for you.

So, I'm a little embarrassed that I can't remember the fiction book I read 3 books ago. I'm sure it was from the library - I've checked my account and only books listed are the ones checked out now. I've racked my brain - I just can't remember. So I read something that I liked (pretty sure) then I moved on to a non-fiction. It was Naked by David Sedaris and it was recommended by Amy. She called it "snort-Diet-Pespi-out-of-your-nose" funny and I thought it would make me laugh at least. It did. In the first chapter, the author talks about his tics as a child. These tics put Monk to shame! I did laugh out loud then and later in the book. It's autobiographical and the author tells about his aimless life and his hilarious mother. I must say that the mother is the most outrageous character in the book. Coming from my background - any mom who smokes, drinks, and cusses like a sailor is odd. One who raised this family is past odd. It was an interesting glimspe into Sedaris's life and he has written several other books. I would definitely try another one of his.

So we have come to the end of the summer reading season. I have read one non-fiction for every fiction book I've read. I will go back to reading whatever now that I have met that challenge. There are a few non-fictions I'm still looking forward to reading - maybe I'll write abut them.


I've been tagged, too. There's a book meme going around and my friend, Steve, thought I should give it a try. Now because of my short term memory loss - I just can't play. I can't remember 3 books ago let alone all my reading life. I'm listing others who have played - check them out! Amy, Steve, and Dee.