Monday, August 28, 2006

Signs of the Coming Apocalypse

  1. Gas is below $2.50 and I'm thrilled!! I call people on the phone and tell them where to go for cheap gas (Albertson's on Buffalo Gap)
  2. It's August in West Texas and the high got all the way to 84*.
  3. My power bill falls below $4oo! (Not yet but I keep hoping....)
  4. Denise Crawford Waldrop in the ACU Leatureship Book (picture included)


Melene said...

Yep, I bought gas at Albertson's this morning. It was 2.46 and when we drove by there last night after church it was 2.48. I enjoyed the weather today, too.

Steve Duer said...

Another sign is that I have tagged you. Go to my blog for details.

Anthony Parker said...

1. I would consume far more than the money saved if I drove all the way to Abilene to buy gas. The lowest I've seen lately was $2.63 at the BP at the corner of Lakeshore and Columbiana.
2. Tomorrow's high in B'ham is supposed to be 89, but a low of 66 tomorrow night. My boys are shivering already!
3. Crawl into our 2 bedroom apartment with us -- our electricity bill was less than $100.
4. Saw your picture; it's lovely. Good thing you're not in the ACU Spellership book!

soul and culture said...

Totally jealous of the gas prices. But, like Anthony, not cost effective for me to drive down and fill 'er up.

Lisa said...

Hey Denise!

Check out Mark Elrod's ongoing signs of the impending apocolypse:

Mark teaches political science at Harding these days. Cool guy. Great reading for a different view of what's going on around here. I would LOVE to put him in a room with Raymon Huston.

And, sure, you can use my thoughts about spiritual adultery! I'd be honored! Could you send me one of The Coffee Group's final brochures so I can share it with our women's ministry committee on campus?

Denise W. said...

It's a fact - I can't spell!

Shamless maiden name usage so old friends can find me!