Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Say A Prayer

It's just the second week of school and Kenny already has strep throat. The doctor said yesterday that in the second week it was the kids who like school. They come in with strep. In the third week, it's the kids who DON'T like school - they come in whith abdominal pain. (In an attempt to get out of school.)

Well, tonight the Coffee Group speaks for the first time! We've talked plenty before just not in front of a crowd. Say a prayer of peace for all of us. Say a prayer that our words will be a blessing. Say a prayer that God is at the center of tonight.


Anthony Parker said...

OK, I've prayed -- for Kenny and for you -- now go get 'em girl.

Hey, we're coming to Abilene/Albany; we get in late on the 15th, M & boys leave Monday, I'm staying through lectureship.

Anne Jones said...

It was wonderful!