Saturday, August 19, 2006

I've Always Pronounced It Talledega

Well, I'm still laughing to myself. I keep thinking of how everything about that movie made me laugh! Yall, last night got me some Ricky Bobby! I know that there are people out there that don't like that kind of humor (I don't understand why ANYONE would watch the Waterboy) but Will Farrell ALWAYS MAKES ME LAUGH. That guy is so honest and becomes the crazy character he's playing! (See: Anchorman and Old School) He doesn't care how stupid he looks and he looks so stupid! One of my favorite parts last night was one of the MOST predictable - they ran. I won't explain it and ruin it for all you women out there who are dying to see what you think is a guy movie.

Most of the movie (I can't use the term"film") takes place in North Carolina and Talladega, Alabama. It was nice to see those places. The wind was blowing at Talladega - I told Jim it must have been filmed in the spring. You know, there NO air blowing in the summer in the Deep South. All those pine trees and the woods, as we always called it, were pretty.

Shake and Bake!

Let me recommend one of the funniest blogs I read, BooMama. She has listed some of her most famous postings and this is one of my favorites! If you get the chance to read her, you'll come away laughing!


Tammy M. said...

I told Rob last night and now I will post it on your blog for all to read. That movie was hysterical if you are into that Ricky Bobby kind of humor, and if Will Ferrell is involved there are always laughs to be had, but the price of admission was worth just sitting next to you seeing the tears stream down your face and hearing you laugh loud enough for everyone in the entire dwelling to know you were enjoying you some Ricky Bobby.

Denise W. said...

You know, turning 40 has freed me. I can laugh out loud in a darkened theatre and I just don't care. I can get a kick out of dumb humor because it's so funny! I can confess to my love of Sci-Fi and all things Stargate (I watched my taped episodes last night.)

See what you have to look forward to, Tammy, in just 18 SHORT months!

Anne Jones said...

One of these days I will make it to the movies again!!

And, I love BooMama too! She is great :)