Thursday, August 03, 2006

Reading is Fundamental, Part Tres

Time for another book report.....

First the fiction - Acts of Faith by Philip Caputo an interesting read to say the least. In case I've never mentioned this before, I love reading about other cultures. This includes other places in the world, other eras all over the world and other worlds. This book is set in Sudan, Central Africa during the 1990's and is mainly concerned with the war that took place there then. (FYI: Darfur, that George Clooney was so vocal about a few months ago is in Sudan.) We follow the main characters over several years (with a satisfying epilogue) and how being in Sudan changes their lives.

there is no difference between God and the Devil in Africa. Whoever understands that in his blood and bones and guts, where true understanding resides, will swim in its treacherous currents; whoever doesn't will drown.

The book explores that opinion though aid workers, pilots who fly aid, missionaries, and soldiers. One of the characters goes to Africa as a Christian who buys back slaves. Her transformation into a person who does what's "necessary" was very interesting to me. As a person of faith, what did this "believer" do?

Now the non-fiction: I tried to read The Devil is a Gentleman Exploring America's Religious Fringe by J.C. Hallman. This sounds like something I would like, right? Crazy religious people? No. I really didn't want to read about Satanists and Druids. No.
So I picked up of a You'll Never Nanny in This Town Again The True Adventures Hollywood Nanny by Suzanne Hansen. Doesn't everybody love a good tell-all? The author worked when she was 19 as a nanny in Hollywood and this poor girl was taken advance of every day. I saw myself as that young woman who couldn't confront or stand up for herself. Funny, quick read.

Sorry, I've given up on Blogger letting me upload the book covers! Serenity Now!


Sarah said...

I DO love a good tell-all!! I need to remember that book by the Hollywood house-keeper. Awesome.

Serenity now!