Saturday, August 26, 2006

Laughing and Crying - My Favorite Emotion

I'm catching up on my blog reading and I just finished reading PreacherMike's last 5 entries. The whole breast feeding thing just made me laugh!! Yes, I breast fed my 2 kids. I was even luckier to get to use a breast pump for 8 weeks while Kenny was in the hospital. Hey, Rabbi, try pumping, driving back and forth to the hospital, and fixing something for dinner and see if YOU wanna have sex! Ya big goober!

Even funnier than making fun of such an unattractive man is following this link. Men Who
Breastfeed and The Women Who Love Them is wrong is soooo many ways.
I even went to the video, (Milk Men!) and laughed and laughed! Just the sight of all those hairy nipples......


Steve Duer said...

Hey doc, the Barbie shirt isn't doing much for your street cred to get men to breast feed.
That video weird on several different levels.