Saturday, August 26, 2006

The Queen of Denial

It's official - I have big kids. One in 3rd grade and the other in Pre-K - they aren't babies anymore. You know, Abbie's been my baby for awhile now but she had her 4 year old shots on Friday. Her birthday was in the spring so I guess I was just in denial.

Denial that I could still pick her up. I tried to pull her in the bed with me this morning and almost pulled my back out.

Denial that I can still shop in the Toddler section. Yesterday she got a new outfit for being brave and it was from the Big Girl section. (More selection - more teen styles)

Denial that I can ignore her changing body (50th percentile in height and weight.) When she tried on her new pants, I said her heiney looked good in them. She promptly stuck it out and tried to see it over her shoulder in the the mirror. Yeah, just like we do.

It's sweet and wonderful. It makes me sad. It makes me happy. It's just being a mommy.

I used up the last of the baby wipes this week, too. It's official.


Sarah said...

I remember realizing that, after about 5 or 6 years of this stage, I had no one in my home in toddler clothes, no one in my home in diapers, and no one in my home using a paci. I was sad for a moment, then shouted, "FREEEEEEDOMMMMMMMMMM" (for my friend who loves to quote movies). Right this moment, I think my kids are so much fun. AND A. made the banana bread with bananas that were rotted b/c they had been in our house for 2 days. Every stage and phase is a new one. I'm trying to embrace each one (I usually fail at that, but it's nice to have goals).

Anne Jones said...

Some days I can't wait...other days I want them to stay little forever!

Tammy M. said...

Every age is sweet. I loved how cute cuddly my kids were when they were little, I loved how they mispronounced several sounds, and I loved that they were happy as long as they were with me. Now they are growing up and they are forming their own personalities and likes and dislikes and I love that too. A mom with older kids told me that as they get older, it just gets better, I chose to believe her, ready or not there they grow.

Dee O'Neil Andrews said...

It DOES get better all the time, girls. Really.

The very best part comes when your kids are all grown, and mature, and spiritual and have families - and you get to be a "grandma!!"

I went over to visit with my younger son this afternoon and his two little girls, Zoe, who will be 4 the day after Labor Day and start 3 days a week pre-school and sweet Hannah, who just turned 1.

At this stage of life I love both my kids AND my grandkids and enjoy them all where they are in life.

Actually, though - in my most sentimental, nostalgic moments, I miss my kids being babies and little terribly. I would have kept having them, I guess, for years beyond I did if not for the practicalities of life, my becoming diabetic and not having the means with which to provide for them. They ARE expensive, you'll have to admit.

More precious than gold or silver or diamonds or platinum, aren't they? Their worth is without measure except in your eyes and the eyes of God.

I pray for each and every one of you as you raise your sweet, precious children. What a gift they are. I treasure mine more and more all the time.

Cheers & Blessings to you all this Saturday night! Dee

P. S. Not to make you girls jealous or anything, but it's been raining every afternoon this week and again today and has cooled down to about 80 degrees.

Steve Duer said...

Grace will hit double digits this year. I feel your pain.

jessica said...

Mine are there too... It is hard to not have a baby... but then again, I can think of lots of reasons that I am happy that they don't need me as much (like the bathroom)... I am waiting patiently for the fun to start that Sarah talks about... Meg is there but Kali has a bit more to go!