Thursday, August 24, 2006

If I Would A Rich Man

I've often commented how my life would be different if I could win the lottery. We'd get a bigger house, a ranch, send our children to Abilene Christian Schools, have Starbucks everyday - you know, regular stuff. I know one of our close friends would hit us up for a donation for ACU and we'd be good with that (especially if that friend got a promotion.) We'd get an unpublished phone number and take the kids to DisneyWorld.

That's why I find this article so fascinating. I can't imagine living a depressed life when I had lots of money. I can't imagine living in a trailer either. I can't imagine not using your winnings to make MORE money. I can't imagine my husband sitting down (that's what the ranch is for - to keep him busy.) I want to reach out to this man and tell him to follow his dream! I want to tell him to move where he has some anonymity and that the world still has a place for him! I want to tell him to put himself out there in a non-financial way! It makes me sad for him.

Well, rest easy friends, our family doesn't play the lottery. We see the big signs that say "$14 million" and my son usually mentions it but we don't spend our money that way. Jim and I KNOW it's a tax on the poor - who are the target players. We KNOW it's a waste of money - even if there are commercials on TV that tell us how we're helping Texas public schools.

Maybe once......